Wife Appreciation Day is celebrated on Third Sunday of September!

19 September 2021

Wife appreciation day is celebrated on the third Sunday in September. It’s a golden chance for husbands to appreciate their wives for their loyalty, care, hard work and love and to manifest them that how much they are essential for them. In 2006 this day was officially accepted.

Wife appreciation day, also known as world wife day.

Wife Appreciation Day Dates

2021: September 19 (Sunday)
2022: September 18 (Sunday)
2023: September 17 (Sunday)
2024: September 15 (Sunday)
2025: September 21 (Sunday)
2026: September 20 (Sunday)
2027: September 19 (Sunday)

This day is important for wives with no children. On mother day, the wives with children get appreciation and love from her husband and children. But this is the day when wives without a child get appreciation from her husband. So this is the day that they deserve. This day is celebrated with full enthusiasm at national and international level. In the same way, military wife appreciation day and pastor appreciation day is also celebrated annually. Military appreciation day is celebrated on the Friday before mother day as an army wife gives a lot to not her family but the country as well, so it’s the day when you have to return her something. Make her know what special place she has in your life.

Wife Appreciation Day

Every year in October, pastor wife appreciation day, the churches across the world give tribute, honor and respect to the pastor’s wife. A pastor wife is one who consoles her husband and is also criticized by others. So it’s the day when you thank her, speak positively about her to others, give her an unexpected gift and pray for her.

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As this is the day when you have to return something to your wife, who has sacrificed her dreams and neglect herself for you, your family and children.

Here’s are the few appreciating ways;

  1. Give her some flowers.
  2. Be thankful to her for every small and big thing that she has done for you.
  3. Tell her how much she is essential for you and your family.
  4. Buy a gift and chocolates for her.
  5. Take her out for dinner.
  6. Please give her a wishing card.
  7. If you can afford and has some time, take her on a trip to the places she likes.
  8. Most of the wives don’t get much credit because of the work they do go unrecognized. So appreciate her for every little thing.
  9. Help her in their daily work. Wash dishes and also help her in washing clothes.
  10. Give her a day off.
  11. Please give her a massage.
  12. If you can cook then cook a special meal for her.
  13. Tell her how special she is for you.
  14. Tell her that you always sport her and stand by her.
  15. Please help her to fulfil her dreams that she can’t perform due to her busy routine.
  16. Tell the others what your wife has done for you.
  17. Bring her breakfast.
  18. Put your cell phone, laptop and books aside and listens to her.

In this modern world, everyone is busy in his own life and routine. No one has time for others; even the members of the same family are unaware of one another. So in this busy and hectic life, it is good to celebrate holidays like this.

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