Veterans Day is Celebrated On November 11th Every Year!

Veterans day is a federal holiday in the US, and do you know when Veterans Day is? This day is celebrated annually on Nov 11, the 11th of the 11th month. Isn’t it amazing!

There is a question that often comes to the mind of the readers. Why do we celebrate veterans day? In simple words, this day is celebrated to honor the military veterans, the persons who have served in the US Army. It is a time to pay regards and respects to those who have who served. The entire nation stands united for them, the veterans on this day. The purpose of this day is to honor America’s veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and their willingness to sacrifice everything they have for the nation.

Veterans day meaning is different from Armistice day, celebrated to honor those who have sacrificed their lives for their homeland.

Veterans Day

History of Veterans Day:

The official ending of World War I was on Jun 28, 1919. But the fight ended before that when an armistice was put into effect on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. That is why Nov 11, 1918, was considered the end of “the war to end all wars” and called Armistice. In 1945, it changed into Veterans Day to honor all the veterans of the nation.

Celebration of Veterans Day:

The primary purpose of Veterans Day is to thank the veterans. This day can be celebrated in various ways. The veterans can be honored by inviting them to lunch. A special lunch, whether formal or casual, can be arranged to show respect and appreciation. The civilians can show respect to them by learning about the military experience, showing appreciation for the veteran employees’ military service, and honoring them. 

The veteran employees who have transferred themselves from military to civilian careers could be appreciated and applauded on this day. This includes highlighting their experiences, appreciating their transferable skills, having a chit chat with them about their hobbies, families, and other interests. This will enable the nation to pay their gratitude towards the veterans and emphasize that veterans re people first and employees second. You can share their stories with other people too. 

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The veteran’s families feel challenges, too, because of the veteran’s strict and disciplined lifestyle. On this day, their families could be honored and thanked, too, through gifts, events, and recognition. 

On veterans day, several Veterans Day deals are made available. These include Veterans day free meals, discounts on various products, and Veterans Day Thank You. Veterans are honored on this day through thank you cards and posters. This can make them feel special, which is the primary purpose of this day. The other Veterans Day freebies include special offers at various café and restaurants. A large number of restaurants in the US deliver free food to veterans and their families. 

On this day, various Veterans Day Quotes are displayed at different places, and these quotes are shared on social handles too. This is also a way to show your gratitude towards the Veterans.

Are Banks Open On Veterans Day?

On veterans day, banks remain close. Even most of the schools do not open on this day. It is regarded as a public holiday in the US.

This day is not limited to the only US now but is celebrated by different countries in their way! Whatever the way and style may be, the main thing is to honor and appreciate the Veterans, which is fulfilled every year!

Happy Veterans Day!