How fast can a human being run? Research suggests that a man could run 39.9 miles per hour as fast as theory, but Sprint average speeds of a human being are about 11-14 mph.

You may be thinking, “That’s not so bad,” but as you will see, a 14 mph average speed would not be enough to win a race with any one of the fastest animals on the planet. Many animals can go much faster than a human can imagine. What are the fastest animals in the world?

Let’s figure out how fast can a cheetah run.

1. Cheetah:

A cheetah can run 113 km/hr, an average 70 mph.

They can accelerate from 0 – 59.9 mph in only 2.99 seconds.

Cheetah is considered the fastest land animal globally and far ahead of all other wild cats.

2. Pronghorn Antelope:

A pronghorn antelope can run 97.9 km/hr, an average of 60.9 mph.

They have a huge heart and large lungs, which help them to go so quickly.

This pronghorn antelope in North America is the fastest land animal. It could reach an amazing speed of 54.9 mph during a race. Pronghorn antelope in its habitat, the coyote is its main predator.

3. Quarterhorse:

A quarterhorse can run 88.6 km/hr, average 55 mph.

They can cover short distances at this speed.

4. Springbok:

 A springbok can 90.1 km/hr, average 56.1 mph.

They are extremely strong animals; they can leap 3.9 meters into the air and jump up to 15.1 meters in length.

Unusual behavior of these antelopes has multiple jumps in the air. Such jumps up to 2.1 meters high

5. Blue Wildebeest:

Blue wildebeest can run 80.0 km/hr, an average 50.0 mph.

In case to defend themselves from predators, they run in huge herds.

Blue wildebeest is a large animal found in the forests of Africa. This mammal quickly could reach a speed of 50.0 mph and 80.0 km/hr during a race.

6. Lion:

A lion can run 80.0 km/hr, average 50.0 mph.

When hunting, they combine horror with jerks of speed.

A lion is a very social animal, the habitat in the group called pride. During chasing, a lion can reach a top speed of 50.0 mph and 80.0 km/hr.

7. African Wild Dog:

African wild dogs can run 72.1 km/hr, an average of 45.0 mph.

They are amazing runners, and they can achieve an average speed of 48.1 km/hr, an average 30.0 mph over a distance of 5.8 km, about 4 miles.

8. Coyote:

A coyote can run 69.1 km/hr, an average 43.0 mph.

They use their amazing speed for hunting small rabbits, tiny mice, squirrels, and livestock.

9. Hare:

Hare can run 80 km/hr or 50m/hr. 

Hares have long, powerful, and strong hind legs; they are one of the fastest animals on earth, which speeds up to 80.1 kilometers per hour to evade predators in their grassland habitat.

10. Kangaroo:

A kangaroo can run 71 km/hr or 44m/hr.  

Kangaroos are the only large animals to use jumping to move from one place to another. The average speed jump for a red kangaroo is around 20.0 to 25.1 km/hr, average 12.1-16.1 mph, but they can speeds up to 71 km/hr, average 43 mph.

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