There was a time when playing games with friends was a task. But not anymore. With all those online popular video games, playing games with your friends has become easier. Now you can play your favorite top 10 online video games with not only your friends but strangers from all across the globe while sitting in your living room or from the comfort of your sofa. But the problem is how to decide on a game among the thousands of fun games to play online. We have come up with the 10 best video games of all time for you to choose from. You will find board games online and kids game online on the list too.

  1. Hearts Card Game Online:

Hearts is one of the most famous, 4-player card games that are played all around the world. The basic goal of this incredible game is the avoidance of penalty points no matter what happens. Each card present in the heart suit is equal to 1 penalty point, and the Queen Spades is a special card that is worth 13 penalty points. You can choose the mode too and play this fantastic game online with your friends and family.

  1. Battleship Game Online:

Battleship is an exciting and fun naval competition game. This game brings strategy, excitement, and fun in one place. You need to attack the rival’s ship, but during that, you need to protect your ship from the rival’s attack. The right position of the ship plays a crucial role in the game.

  1. League of Legends:

It is an old school game but is still loved by a lot of users all around the globe. The reason for this popularity and timelessness is simple. This game comes up with literally everything that one wants in a MOBA. It’s completely the player’s choice to go for a standard 5v5 mode or customize one according to his choice.

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  1. Sea of Thieves:

If we talk about the game’s overall look and graphics, it is hardly close to an ideal game. The scenario of the game is pretty poor. Moreover, the world inside the game doesn’t look like a sea world, not even close to it. But the pirating gameplay of this game is unmatchable. Only imaging the scenario of this game is too exciting. Imagine that you are needed to make a group, a crew to be precise of 3-4 people: one to steer, one on sails, one for the cannons, and the last one on patching. Then you are meant to lead your ship on your own. It’s awesome.

  1. Minecraft:

You will be a bit surprised to know that Minecraft- a video game developed in 2009 by Mojang and Markus Persson is still in demand. Millions of users from all around the world love getting themselves engaged in this video game. Almost 30 million PC copies of this incredible game are sold worldwide. In addition to this, this game comes is a mobile variant too.

  1. Apex Legends:

Are you all ready to find with death along with your best friends? This task gets a bit harder in Apex Legends, where the boundaries seem collapsing with every passing moment. The enemies come closer and closer with time. You can choose the mode of Apex Legends.

  1. PUBG:

Who hasn’t heard of PUBG? It dominated the entire game industry soon after its arrival. Millions and millions of users worldwide have installed this incredible game via App Store and Google Play Store. Before releasing the mobile version of this game, it received a crazy reaction on the PC/Mac/X Box/ PS4 version. With a dozen things happening around you, your only task is survival.

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  1. Fortnite:

PUBG has caused a great influx of audiences and users. After its release, it was hard to believe that something better than this can come to the market. But this happened. The release of Fortnite amazed everyone even more. It was a more polished and groomed version of PUBG, and just like the former, Fortnite received a lot of love. Millions of users from all around the globe enjoyed this game even more than PUBG. Most of the players love to play it in the multiplayer mode.

  1. Tetris 99:

This is one of the tensest and amazing games of recent years. The concept of the game is truer and more genuine than the game itself. It’s quite a genius too. The concept is straightforward. All the lines that are cleared by you will add on to your enemy. The addition is random and thus is more interesting.

  1. Overcooked 2:

This is another genius game. It requires concentration, coordination, and agility. It’s not a regular cooking game. Have you ever thought of cooking on a highway? How about cooking some iceberg? That’s exactly what you are going to do in this game.