Documentaries-a strong bond that connects all of us. The best part of a documentary is the tint of reality, the essence of real life, and the glory of experience. Even though most of them are biased, we can relate to these documentaries a lot. They give us a flash into the creator’s mind and make us feel astonished. If you are sick of the pandemic’s routine life and want to come out of this boredom, we have come up with a list of Best Documentaries on Netflix right now. This list includes all kinds of documentaries, whether True Crime Documentaries on Netflix or Netflix Murder Documentaries, you will find it all here.

  1. My Octopus Teacher:

Initial release: September 4, 2020
Documentary ‧ 1h 30m

My Octopus Teacher by Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed’s is a lovely documentary. This documentary’s overall essence is relaxing and soothing and gives a weird uplift to your thoughts. As it proceeds, you will see an encounter between the filmmaker Craig Foster on the coast of South Africa and an octopus. He gets fascinated with this interesting creature and interacted with the octopus every day in order to explore various aspects of this demon of water. The photography in the documentary is so mesmerizing that you can actually experience everything with great intimacy. The documentary shows how the octopus tried to survive in the underwater world.

  1. American Murder: The Family Next Door

The Netflix Original American Murder: The Family Next Door is one of the Top Documentaries on Netflix. It is about the Watts Family murders and the use of social media posts, messages, and video footage in it. The disappearance of Shanann Watts is a prominent event, along with her two children. The documentary’s main focus remains on the victims that make this documentary stand out, among others. The whole experience of her husband with the police is also a significant part of this documentary.

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  1. David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

The name of this documentary is capable enough of it getting sold out. Attenborough has been inclined towards documentaries that are focused on the environment for years. This is the right time to watch this incredible work of him as it’s the need of the hour to protect the environment. This documentary gives Attenborough’s life a close introduction and demonstrates the change in nature throughout his life.

  1. The Speed Cubers:

If you are a fan of some casual, cool, and light documentaries, The Speed Cubers is one of the many such Good Documentaries on Netflix. The whole mood of the documentary is so smooth and lighthearted. The documentary will open up the doors of a new world to you- a competitive world of Rubix Cubing. You may develop a good and healthy habit after watching this.

  1. Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting An Internet Killer

This is a deep and disturbing documentary. Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting An Internet Killer begins when a video is posted on social media handles where a cat is being murdered brutally. The hunt for the killer begins after that. This attention and focus that the murderer got encouraged him to make some more heart-throbbing videos. The documentary is full of numerous twists and turns.

  1. Fear City: New York vs. The Mafia

This three-part documentary takes you along to the underworld of New York. It dates back to the 70s and 80s and explores some FBI agents. The documentary is full of suspense, action, and overall a good treat and one of the Best Documentaries to watch on Netflix.

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  1. Unsolved Mysteries

The name of the documentary “Unsolved Mysteries”  itself is so attractive that no one can hold himself from watching this at least once in his lifetime. It revived the trend of couch side detectives and received a crazy response from the fanbase worldwide.

  1. Bill Nye: Science Guy

If you are a 90’s kind, the memories of Bill Nye and his science experiments must be there in your mind. If you are not a 90s kids, you can enjoy the exciting science adventures of Bill Nye all over again in the documentary Bill Nye: Science Guy on Netflix.

  1. Becoming

Becoming is a documentary that was released in 2020 by Netflix. It is based on the bestselling memoir on Michelle Obama’s life back in 2017. This documentary included some sneak peeks of the First Lady’s tour and some moments from Obama’s life too.

  1. A Secret Love:

A documentary full of romance, emotions, and the bitter reality of this world. A Secret Love is based on a true story from 1947 when two women fell in love. You will be able to explore all the things they had to go through and how their love remained intact for decades. They kept their love a secret throughout their lives. You will find a good lesson in this one.