The most dangerous animal in the world is not a shark, neither a human being. We decided to classify the most dangerous animals in the world. Most deaths occur in the world due to the attack of animals rather than any transmitting disease. Yes, you read, right! There were about 438,000 deaths in 2013 because of homicides. No doubt, humans are the most dangerous animal and the deadliest mammal to humans. But we excluded humans from our list because we are not quite our own worst enemy, but yes we’re pretty close.

Note those ranking animals according to their deadly behavior is difficult, so these are mostly rough estimates. The list is representative of different types of dangerous animals in the world.


Here is the list of some of the animals responsible for the highest number of human deaths. The scariest predators are not as dangerous as expected – but do not underestimate the little ones.

Sometimes a cute looking animal turns into a dangerous creature of God.

1-Tapeworms :

This tiny creature is the cause of 700 deaths in the world. Tapeworm is a parasite by nature, and it is responsible for the infection called cysticercosis that kills almost 700 people each year.

2- Crocodile:

This big and deadly creature is the cause of 1100+ deaths in the world. Crocodile is considered and responsible for most human deaths in Africa. And it is considered the most dangerous animal in Africa.

3- Ascaris:

Ascaris roundworm is the cause of 4600+ deaths. It leads to an infection called ascariasis that kills 4600+ humans in just a year. This infection affected children than adults by causing infection in their intestines.

4- Tsetse Flies:

The tsetse fly is a cause of the disease called sleeping sickness. This parasitic infection initially can lead to headaches, temperature, joint pain, and redness, but later can lead to some serious neurological problems. The number of deaths has increased.

With nearly 10,000 new cases reported each year.

5- Assassin Bugs :

The murderer bug also called the kissing bug, is responsible for carrying Chagas disease, which kills about 13,000 people a year.

Chagas disease is a parasitic infection passed by the insect, which owes its nickname of kissing bug because they love to bite people on their face.

6- Freshwater Snails:

Freshwater snail is the cause of 21000+ deaths each year; it carries parasitic worms that infect humans with a disease called schistosomiasis. It can be a cause of severe abdominal pain and blood in stool or urine, depending on the area being affected.

Millions of people are infected by Freshwater snails each year.

7. Snakes:

Snakes are known as the world’s most dangerous animals because of their deadly looks. Snakes can kill more than 200,000 people each year. Snakes can attack very quickly and can also chase their loved victims at an incredible speed. It chooses to do this quite often without any fear.

8- SIAFU Ants:

These are also known as driver ants. They come in swarms of up to 51,000,000 and reacts as if it were a single entity, even if a driver ant is in danger. Crush one of these little creatures underfoot while you’re out on a walk and you will regret as the other 51 million come after a swarm. Once they get attach to your body, it’s very difficult to remove them. They may prefer to turn into pieces rather than leave their victim. 

9- Stone Fish:

Stone fishes are dangerous not only because they are the most poisonous fish on the earth, but also because they have incredible speed and also very difficult to see. They are camouflaged by nature to blend in with the bottom of the ocean. While they are only aggressive toward its victim, it is easy to step on Stonefish by mistake. The venom of the spines can kill you. Synanceia is the second name of Stonefish, and it is considered one of the most dangerous animals in Australia.

10- Mosquitoes:

Mosquitoes are known for annoying insects that suck your blood and can cause virus transmission from person to person and are responsible for most deaths than animals.

Malaria alone is responsible for more than half of the deaths related to mosquitoes, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, luckily it is in decline: the incidence of malaria dropped by 37 per cent between 2000 and 2015, according to World Health Organization. Dengue fever, another deadly disease transmitted by mosquitoes, has become the leading cause of hospitalization and death among children in some countries in Asia and America.

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