Cats are the cutest and loveable pets in the world. They are famous for their loving nature and affection towards their owners—those who own a cat love to cuddle with them. Cats are meant to bring a smile to the face of their owners by their cute gestures and polite gaze. The eyes of cats are alluring anyway, and when they start gazing at you politely with love and compassion in their eyes, it’s impossible for your heart not to melt. Talking about the cats, this cute little pet comes in various breeds. We have made a list of the top 10 cat breeds for you.

  1. Maine Coon

Manie coon is one of the oldest breeds in North America. The cats belonging to this breed are commonly known as intelligent and playful. The size of Maine Coon is also a significant factor. Maine Coon is the largest cat breed, especially among domestic cats. The Maine Coon is generally called by the name “gentle giants.”

Maine Coons are famous for their rugged appearance and furry and shaggy outer coats. 30lbs. Is the expected weight of a Maine Coon male cate if he is fully grown. A fully grown female Maine Coon weighs a little less than this. At the age of three to five, the Maine Coons usually reach the full size and get mature enough. The cats of this breed are considered people-oriented, extremely intelligent, and full of energy. All these traits make them easy to train. These cats’ dog-like behavior is also famous, such as they follow their owners everywhere and respond to their calling.

  1. Singapura

Singapura is known to be the smallest cat breed in the world. The cats belonging to this breed are almost half the size of an average cat. They almost remain like a kitten throughout their life. It is not only their size that resembles that of a kitten, but their delicacy and petiteness resemble a kitten too. Throughout their life, the cats of this breed weigh not more than 5 pounds.

They are just small in size but are more efficient and quicker than any larger sized cat. Please don’t get fooled by their small body as they are extremely agile and make amazing climbers. Moreover, if you are fond of a cuddly kitty, this breed is for you. The Singapura cats love nothing more than snuggling on the lap.

  1. Siamese

If you are a fan of an intelligent breed, Siamese needs to be your pick. These are probably the most intelligent and smartest cat breeds. A Siamese cat loves to remain busy in mischiefs. They possess an inquisitive nature and cannot stay still in one place. You will always be found them exploring every corner of your house. Most of the owners are seen saying that their Siamese cats can do numerous tricks.

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  1. Egyptian Mau

This Egyptian Cat Breed goes by the name Egyptian Mau. The cats belonging to this breed are inclined towards humans. They are people-oriented and love being around humans. The cutest thing about the cats of this breed is their pleasant meowing sound. They meow in a sweet voice to show that they are happy. The Egyptian Mau also meows when it wants to show affection towards someone. Swishing the tail and kneading with the front paw is also some of the gestures of the cats of this breed to express their happiness. Another thing that Egyptian Mau loves is showing off her hunting skills. She does so by chasing a toy. These cats are somewhere around moderate to high-level activity. You may find them on top of your bookshelves or almirah at times.

  1. Grumpy Cat Breed

The grumpy cat has got so much fame recently. Grumpy is not actually a breed, but the literal meaning of grumpy is “angry.” The cat was called grumpy because of her angry facial expressions. The grumpy cat was a female cat and was a mixed-breed cat. The shoe color of the cat suggests that it is a Siamese breed. But she is not purely Siamese as her brother was black and white. The short legs and feet of the cat were actually due to a disease or a genetic mutation. She was dwarf.

Talking about the cat’s anger, the owner has said that it was not at all a rude cat but a very easy going and happy breed. Sadly, the grumpy cat is no longer with us. But thanks to the memes, we have got introduced to such a cute pet.

  1. Savannah Cat Breed

If you are more inclined towards the wild cats, Savannah is the one for you. This breed was made by crossing African Servals with domestic cats. The offspring were then breaded to cats, including Egyptian Maus, Oriental Shorthairs, Savannahs, Ocicats, and others. The cats of this breed have large ears and golden and black spots on their skin. This breed was recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA) in 2012.

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  1. Burmese Breed:

Burmese has an official record of the longest living cat breed. One of the cats of this breed has lived for 35 years. Yes, all the cats of this breed don’t live for that long, but this breed’s average life span is larger than any other. A Burmese cat lives for almost 18 to 25 years.

  1. Persian Cats Breed

Persian cats are known for their gentle and soft furred skin. They possess sweet and cute faces and round eyes. The cats belonging to this breed are pretty quiet and affectionate. This is one of the most loved breeds in the world. The Garfield Cat Breed was Persian too.

  1. American Shorthair Cats

This is the most common household cat in the United States. These cats are very gentle and sweet with the children. They love to stay around people and are pretty intelligent. That’s why it’s easy to train them. A shorthair cat is considered a perfect match for a working family that has children.

  1. Ragdoll Cats

These cats are often known as “puppy cats” because of their dog-like nature. These are some of the largest and most affectionate cats around the globe. They have got a gentle furry coat around them and are meant to pacify their owners. The cats belonging to this breed are so gentle and friendly. The Ragdolls Cats are mostly friendly and love to cuddle with their owners. This breed gets along with the children easily and is good at climbing and other tricks. The Ragdolls can do several dog-like tricks too. If you wonder which cat breed should I get, I recommend you go for this one.