Singles Day China is Celebrated on 11 November!


A lot of people feel sad and disheartened about being single. But this is nothing to be sad about. It’s good to have a life partner who would help you stand by you in all thick and thin. But don’t you think being able to handle all the situations of your life on your own is the best thing? A person who is alone learning to stand back again after falling and does not look up to others for help. As it is often said that you need to learn to love yourself first before loving someone else. So, being single is something one should celebrate, and that’s precisely what the Chinese people do!

singles day 11.11

What is Singles Day?

Singles day, also called National Singles Day or Bachelors’ Day, is a holiday celebrated in China on 11th November. The unmarried people celebrate this occasion by exchanging gifts and presents with each other. Because of this tradition, Singles Day has become the most massive online shopping day in the world. This day is celebrated on the 11th of the 11th month for a reason. “Bare stick” is a Chinese slang used for a lonely man or a person with no significant other. As the number 1 resembles a bare stick and the calendar, the maximum number of 1s is on the 11th of 11th, so this day is celebrated on 11th November. That is why it is often written as 11.11 Singles Day. Isn’t it thoughtful and engaging!

Where Does This Day Come From?

Various propositions are explaining the origin of this day. The most widely accepted idea is that this day grew out of Nanjing University’s dorm culture. It is quoted that four male students who were all single decided to celebrate this day in honor of the singles. They chose this day for a celebration for the singles. The idea was to break away from the monotony of being single. This day then gained popularity, and with time, it became famous. It is regarded as a celebration day for the entire Chinese day and has become Chinese Singles Day.

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What is Singles Day?

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Singles Day Celebrations:

Singles Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm by singles. They meet up with their friends that are single and chill around with them. Singles do go to a dinner party together. They love to go on a “date” together and that to celebrate independence and self-love. Singles often go to a movie together with their single buddies and enjoy a meal together. They don’t feel held back on this day because there are no restrictions on them, nor do they have any partner in caring for. Singles, on this day, do everything that they would with a partner. After all, there is no better company than yourself, isn’t it right?

Another fantastic way this day is celebrated is by writing an appreciation list and that too for themselves. This list includes anything a single person loves or admires. This list is then made public and posted on the social handles. The purpose of doing all this is to promote self-love and self-care on this occasion because these are not promoted as much as they should, and there could be no better day than this for its promotion!

Singles Day Sales and Singles Day Deals are also very famous. It has become the world’s biggest 24 hours shopping event. Alibaba initiated this, and now it’s quite famous across the globe and is remembered as a shopping day more than a bachelors’ day. On this day, singles do a lot of online shopping. They buy stuff for themselves and for their single friends too to commemorate this day.

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In 2009, this day was also recorded when maximum marriages got registered in Beijing, China. That’s another of its celebration by the couples. So, enjoy this day; however, you want.

Happy Singles Day!