Romania Unification Day or Great union Day is celebrated on 1st December Every Year!

What is Romania’s Unification Day?

You must know a lot of things about Romania now. Let us have a look at the meaning and definition of Romania Unification Day now. The Romania Unification day is a public holiday, and it falls on 1st 

December every year. This day is known as “Ziua Unirii” in Romania and is called “Little Union Day.”

Romania Unification Day

History of Romania Unification Day:

In Eastern Europe, Moldavia and Wallachia had been the states governed by princes since the 14th century. Alexandru Ioan Cuza was elected the ruler of both the principalities in 1859. This led to the creation of the Union of the Romanian Principalities. After the union, the official name given to both the states was The Romanian United Principalities. It changed to Romania in 1866 and then to the Kingdom of Romania in 1881. Transylvania, Banat, Crisana, and Maramures joined Romania on 1st December 1918. The Romania Unification Day is celebrated in commemoration of the second union.

Romania Great Union Day Celebration:

The Romanian Unification Day gained popularity and became a massive holiday in 2015. So, there aren’t any customs or traditions associated with it yet. But being a Sărbătoare națională or public holiday, the majority of the Romanians have a day off on this day. So, . There are some other ways of celebrating this big day by Romanians. Here is a list of the things to do on Romania Day.

Enjoying the Fireworks:

Every big day is incomplete without fireworks. Just like other days of celebrations and festivities, this day is also celebrated by enjoying the fantastic sight of fireworks. There are several places in Romania where these fireworks and firecrackers can be observed. So, go out and enrich your view with the beautiful sight of fireworks on this day.

Singing and Praying:

Prosperous nations never forget their traditions, and they understand the importance of freedom too. The main component of the celebrations of Romanian Day is praying. People love to pray and thank God for granting them this big day.

In addition to praying and thanking God, another thing that can be done on this day is to enjoy music and signing in for various concerts on this big day.

Several other things that can be done on this day include:

  • Attending the military parade consisting of a large number of people that take place in Bucharest. A large number of troops take part in this parade. Moreover, a lot of patriotic acts and national dancing can also be observed.
  • Another thing that can be done to represent your patriotic spirit is to wear clothes resembling the colours of Romania’s flag.
  • You can utilize this significant day in reading about the history, culture, and traditions of Romania.
  • The celebrations of this day are not confined to Romania only. There are other places worldwide that celebrate this day with great zest and enthusiasm, like Canada, Vancouver!

Romania Unification Day Wishes:

The celebrations on big days like unification day are incomplete without the exchange of wishes and greetings. Some of the famous Romania Great Union Day Quotes are as follows:

  • Let justice be done, though the world perishes.” — Ferdinand.
  • “We have a chance in the future only if we take our responsibility. Not anyone else come to give us good.” ― King Michael of Romania.
  • “We cannot have a future without respecting our past.” ― King Michael of Romania.

Romania Unification Day Observations:

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Year Day Date
2020 Friday 24th January
2021 Sunday 24th January
2022 Monday 24th January
2023 Tuesday 24th January
2024 Wednesday 24th January
2025 Friday 24th January
Where is Romania located?

Romania is located in the southeast part of Central Europe. The northwest border of Romania joins with Hungary, southwest with Serbia, south with Bulgaria, the Republic of Moldova with the north, Ukraine with the east, and the Black Sea with the southeast. It is regarded as the second-largest country in the area, second to Poland.

What is Romania Known For?

Romania is not a famous country in the world. Many people haven’t even heard its name. Those who did hear its name probably recognize it for two reasons; the Count Dracula or a dangerous country (there is nothing real in this). Dracula is the most popular thing in Romania because it occurs in Bran Castle, really close to Brasov, one of Transylvania’s most important cities.

Romania is a dangerous country with rude and unfriendly people, but it is not valid. Recently it is regarded as the 25th safest country in the world. Moreover, Romania’s people are very hospitable, and they welcome everyone with a smile on their face.

Romania is also well known for its incredible nature. Many people call it by the name of cheap Switzerland. The most famous and spectacular place in Romania is the Carpathians-the second most extensive mountain range in Europe. Moreover, it has the largest population of brown bears in Europe.

What Language Is Spoken In Romania?

Talking about the language of the people of Romania, most of the population speaks Romanian, and it is also the official language of this country. Other languages that are told by the people here are Hungarian and German.

When Did Romania Join The EU?

Romania joined EU-European Union on 1st January 2007. Bulgaria also joined the EU the same day as Romania did.