President’s Day is celebrated on Third Monday of February!

15th Feb 2021

What is President’s Day?

President’s Day, also called Washington’s Birthday, is a federal holiday in the USA. It is celebrated on the third Monday in February. In 2021 this Day will occur on Monday, February 15.

History of President’s Day:

When talking about President’s Day’s history or why do we celebrate Presidents’ Day, let us have a look back in history. The first President of the United States of America was George Washington. His reign was from 1789 to 1793 and, he ruled for the second time from 1793 to 1797. Before being elected the President Of the USA, he had done incredible services in the army. He led the American Continental Army to victory over the British in 1783. This person is often regarded as the Father of the US and is probably the best American politician who ever existed.

President's Day

The likeness and popularity of George Washington can still be observed in the USA. At least three Universities are named after his place. His image is used on the $1 bill and the quarter-dollar coin. There’s a portrait of him and three other American presidents carved into Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota. This Day was first celebrated as Washington’s Birthday on February 22, but later it was shifted to the 3rd Monday in February. It is now declared a federal holiday to celebrate presidents.

President’s Day Dates:

Year Day Date
2021 MONDAY 15 February
2022 MONDAY 21 February
2023 MONDAY 20 February
2024 MONDAY 19 February
2025 MONDAY 17 February
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President’s Day Activities:

The actual birth date of Washington is February 22. But President’s Day is celebrated on the third Monday of February every year. Most people believe that this shift of date was done to celebrate both Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The third Monday of February usually falls between the birthdays of these two.

Some people have started celebrating other celebrities on this Day, but Washington and Lincoln are still the two most recognized personalities and the best leaders. President’s Day is now observed as a day to acknowledge the lives and achievements of America’s chief executives. But there are double views on this celebration. Some people have objected to this view stating that celebrating the great leaders like Washington and Lincoln with the less impactful Presidents is an insult to their legacy.

President’s Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the USA. Various lessons for students about the US presidents are organized on this Day with Washington as the leading figure. This Day is popular to start sales for the stores. They use the sketches and portraits of the Presidents for advertising their products. Various President’s Day Deals and Sales are also commonly observed on this Day.

What is Closed On Presidents Day?

As the federal Day is an official federal holiday, many things remain closed on this Day. It’s a bank holiday, so Faisal Reserve and almost all national banks remain closed on this Day. The ATMs will remain open, though.

Some schools remain closed on this day too, but it’s not compulsory. Similarly, courts and other judicial places do not open on President’s Day. The New York Stock Exchange following the government schedule will remain closed too.

The stores and markets will be open on this Day and, there will be a lot of deals going on as it’s a day off. So, enjoy and celebrate this Day according to its spirit.

Happy President’s Day!