Passover Will Starts From March 27th To April 4th | 7 Days Celebration

Saturday 27h March 2021 To Sunday 4th April 2021

What is Passover?

Passover commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. This day is celebrated by having the Seder Meals, including four cups of wines, eating herbs, and telling the Exodus’ story.

What Does Passover Mean?

The word Passover is known as Pesach, too, which means the old Passover sacrifice. This word refers to the idea that God passed over Jews’ houses on the Egyptians during the 10th plague. This holiday is a celebration of freedom. The story of Exodus is a robust metaphor and is appreciated by the people of almost all religions.

how to celebrate Passover

When is Passover?

Passover (or Pesach in Hebrew) is a sacred Jewish festival. It is actually a Spring Festival and begins on the 15th of Nisan that is the first month of the Jewish Calendar. Passover is going to begin on the 27th of March, Saturday, in the year 2021.

How Long Does Passover Last?

The unique thing about this festival is that it is not a minor festival that lasts for one or two days but is a big one. This sacred event of the Jews lasts for almost 8 days. Every day of this festival is full of Jewish traditions and celebrations.

When Does Passover Start?

According to the Jewish Calendar, this festival begins on the 15th day of Nisan( first month in the Jewish Calendar). This year Passover is going to begin on Saturday, the 27th of March.

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When is Passover over?

After grand celebrations of around eight days, Passover will end on the 4th of April, Sunday.

How To Celebrate Passover?

Numerous Passover traditions can be observed at this festival. One of the most vital traditions is removing all the leavened products known by the name chametz from their home before the holiday arrives. The Jews refrain from all leavened food products ( containing yeast) throughout the Passover.

This tradition has got to do something with their history. It is often quoted that at the time of the Hebrews movement from Egypt, they were very short on time. The time was too short for their loaves of bread to rise. That’s why they carried along with a kind of flatbread called matzo with them. Another proposition says that, as matzo is much lighter in weight, they must have carried it along as it was easy to carry through the desert compared to the regular bread.

Seder is another Passover tradition. It is a religious feast that occurs on the first two nights of Passover. Families gather for it. The story of Exodus is read out loud, and several rituals are performed. These include dipping vegetables into salt water to symbolize the tears of Jews shed at the time of slavery, and bitter herbs are eaten as a symbol of their hard times.

Passover Wishes:

Passover is celebrated by exchanging happy Passover greetings. If you wonder how to say happy Passover? You can say it like “Chag sameach,” which means “happy holidays.” The people of Israel exchange Passover wishes and wish each other prosperity and happiness. This day is marked by compassion and love.

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best wishes for passover

  • Wishing all the joys Of the Passover holiday!
    To you And those you hold dear!
  • This Passover, May your cup overflow with happiness and prosperity.
    Happy Passover!
  • May you be blessed with happiness, prosperity, peace and good health on Pesach and always!
    Have a Happy Passover!
  • On Passover and always
    May you rejoice In our traditions and Always be blessed
    With the rich and bountiful Gifts of life!
  • May you be blessed with happiness, prosperity, peace and good health. Happy Passover
  • Wishing you joy and many blessings at Passover and throughout the year! Happy Passover!
  • Passover is a time of reflection and joy.
    When we emerge from our cocoon
    Of doubt to fly freely
    On the wings of faith.

Happy Passover!