Opposite Day is Celebrated on January 25th Every Year!

Monday, January 25th 2021

When Is The Opposite day?

The National Opposite Day is observed on the 25th of January every year. However, certain people believe that this day should be celebrated on the 7th of January. But most of the experts agree on the fact that the opposite day needs to be celebrated on the 25th of each month.

What Day Is The Opposite Day?

Opposite day is actually a day when everyone speaks something that’s exactly opposite to what they intend to talk about. For example, if I hate Broccoli, I will say that Broccoli is my favorite dish. Similarly, if I want to forbid my friend from doing something, I will say please do it! Isn’t it interesting!

History Of Opposite Day:

It is pretty unclear were the opposite day came from, but if we decide on tracing its history, we will find a connection from the 1920s. It was the time when, in 1928, when President Calvin Coolidge made a statement to the press. In his statement, he said that “I do not choose to run.” This statement by Coolidge made everyone wonder if he really meant the opposite of it. That’s where the opposite day comes from.

Opposite Day january 25After around thirty years, in 1959, President Dwight E. Eisenhower declared a day to be called the opposite day. He later explained it, saying that it was just an idea to make my granddaughter happy. He further added that he never thought of it to be this hard. Like what would be the opposite of the brain? What do you call the elephant in the opposite? And a lot more like that.

Opposite Day Ideas:

It is always a good idea to do fun and exciting activities on the opposite day because why not! This day comes only once a year, so you should celebrate it with full excitement and joy. Here are some exciting ideas to make this year’s opposite day more memorable.

Dinner For Breakfast: Bread, jam, eggs, pancakes, etc., are the typical ingredients for breakfast. I am sure you must be bored with the same repetitive food again and again. This opposite day treats you with something different and adds a fun element to your life. You can make your children happy and surprised by serving them the dishes that they were supposed to have in dinner in breakfast. Similarly, serve the pancakes, bread, jam, etc., to them at the dinner table. This activity truly justifies the spirit of the opposite day.

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Clothes on Opposite Day:

What To Wear For The Opposite Day? This is the most frequently asked question on Opposite Day. Remember we were supposed to enjoy this day as much as we can. So, make everything you do on this day more excited and joyous. Make your children wear their clothes the other way around. You can wear your clothes from the opposite side outward too. This will make you look funny, and honestly; you will never forget this day and the contrasting look of yourself. You can also accessorize yourself in a reverse way.

What To Wear For The Opposite Day

Opposite Conversations : Another way of celebrating the opposite day is to invite your close friends and arrange an opposite day party. To make the party more exciting, set a rule of speaking everything in the opposite way. For example, if someone wants to say yes, he will say no, and if someone meant to say no, he will say yes. This would result in some hilarious conversations.

Dessert First: If you want to do something extra crazy on this opposite day, serve the dessert first and then move towards the main course. I understand that it could be a bit risky, but this would be the best way to make the opposite day even more memorable and exciting. If you are afraid that someone from your family members would not like this idea, try it on yourself only. Enjoy the dessert first and then move towards the main course.

Left and Right Hand: This may sound a bit weird, but we have to do all the things we possibly can, and the thing that always fascinates me was the people who use their left hand for all the works. I being a righty, still face difficulty in using my non-dominating hand. This opposite day try to go for these little experiences and make good memories.

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Swap The Positions: If you are a parent or some kid at your place, you must take many pictures of him/her and share those pictures with your groups and social handles. What you are going to do on this opposite day is to switch your position with your kid. This time you would be the one who is being captured, and your child would play the role of a photographer. And trust me on this that you will love this day, and these pictures will make you laugh for the rest of the year.

Bedtime Story: We are back with another swap thing to do on this year’s opposite day. Children always love to listen to a bedtime story, and parents love to narrate for them. That has always been the case for decades. But we are going to set a new benchmark and swap the position with our children. Make your children narrate an interesting bedtime story. If possible, record it, and you are going to enjoy your child’s expressions for the rest of the time.

Change The Positions During Play: Do you remember the last time someone made you sit on a swing and push it for you? Revive your childhood memories on this opposite day and change your position with your children. Make your children push the swing for you and enjoy the cool breeze touching your face while enjoying the delightful ride on a swing.

Make sure to do all the activities mentioned above, and you can come up with some ideas of your own too, but the main thing is to enjoy yourself on this day.