Norway Constitution Day Is Celebrated on May 17th Every Year!

Monday 17th May 2021

What is Norway National Day?

Norway National Day is a public holiday in Norway and is celebrated on the 17th of May every year. This day marks the constitution of Norway.

norway National Day

Norway National Day History:

17th of May is the day on which the Constitution of Norway was established in 1814. Around a century back, on this day, the Norwegian Constitution was signed in Eidsvoll. This constitution declared Norway as an independent nation. At the time when this celebration began, Norway was under the rule of Sweden. The festivities made the people of Sweden believe that these celebrations are a provocation against Sweden and the royal family. Another name for Norway National Day is Norway Constitution.

Norway Independence Day Celebrations:

Most of the citizens of Norway usually wake up early on the 17th of May. Wearing nice clothes is another common tradition on this day. Bunad- a typical traditional suit of Norway is preferred by most of the people on this day. The children then like to go to the place where the parade will start. The people sing Norwegian songs, and the sounds of “Hooray” can be heard all around. The Norwegian Flag is also waved.

Listening to the 17th of May parade after the parade is a common observation. Several local schools arrange events to celebrate this day along with national day songs and traditional performances. People mostly love to eat traditional dishes on this day. The most common dishes include hot dogs, ice cream, and soda.

Norway Independence Day Celebrations

Norway National Day Quotes:

Numerous National Day Quotes are exchanged on this day, and the spirit of patriotism dominates all the celebrations. These May Day Quotes are shared on various social handles and are an efficient expression of love and compassion for the motherland. The famous quotes include:

  • Immigrants in Norway must learn Norwegian. The same should Spaniards in Spain do, if they want to work with Norwegians. “carl i. hagen”
  • In Norway, we have a community of people who prefer to use a version of Norwegian that looks very much like lutefisk: Dug up remains from the garbage heap of history and dressed up to look like a tradition. “erik naggum”
  • Norway did not even have a revolution at the time the rest of Europe was busy figuring out human rights and stuff, because we were busy fighting over how to spell it. “erik naggum”
  • We have a high standard of living. … In Norway, we’ve tripled our income since 1970. In the rest of western Europe, income has merely doubled. “jens stoltenberg”
  • Norway did not even have a revolution at the time the rest of Europe was busy figuring out human rights and stuff, because we were busy fighting over how to spell it. “Erik Naggum”
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About the Country:

We are aware of the National Day of Norway and how it is celebrated at this point. Now let us look at some critical things about Norway and know some interesting things about Norway.

What Is The capital of Norway?

The capital city of Norway is Oslo and has been its capital since 1814.

What language Is Spoken in Norway?

If we talk about the official language, there are two official languages of Norway named Norwegian and Sami. The most spoken language is Norwegian. Talking about the origin of Norwegian, it is a Germanic Language that is derived from Swedish, Danish, Iceland, and several other languages. There are two ways of writing Norwegian- Bokmål, and Nynorsk.

Who Was The First King Of Norway?

Harald Fairhair is regarded as the first Norwegian king. In 885, he united the several kingships of Norway into a single realm. Since the time of Harald Fairhair, around 60 named sovereigns.

What is The Population Of Norway?

The population of Norway is 5.328 million and is on the exceeding graph.

What Currency Is Used in Norway?

The Norwegian krone is the official currency of Norway.

What Is Norway Known For?

Several things are famous in Norway. Whether it be the royal architecture of the Akershus Fortress or the sightseeing scenes in Oslo. Norwegian salmon is a famous dish, and it was Norway that first introduced salmon sushi back in the 1980s. The delicious waffles are another delectable dish of Norway. Vikings and the Viking story is a famous story of Norway. These were too wild people but efficient craftsmen. Edvard Munch is the name of Norway’s art. Other things included in this list are skiing, paper clips, originator, etc.

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How Many Countries Does The Norway Border?

If we talk about Norway’s land border, it’s a long border that stretches 1,568 miles. Three countries border Norway. These are Sweden, Russia, and Finland.

What Continent Is Norway in?

Norway is on the continent of Europe. Continent Europe occupies the western half of the Scandinavian peninsula.

What Type Of Government Does Norway Have?

Talking about the government of Norway, it has a parliament, democracy, and constitutional monarchy. A prime minister governs the country, a cabinet, and a 169-seat parliament is elected every four years. For More Norway History Information please visit:

When To See Northern Lights in Norway?

If you wonder what the right time should be to see the Northern Lights, we have you covered. November through March is the best time for Northern Lights viewing. The reason being the long nights of these months.