National Taco Day is Celebrated on October 4th!

Lets tacos about the most fun and yum national holiday ever. You can be a lot of things but you can’t not be a taco lover.  They say live life like everyday is taco day. Tacos are natural aspect of life as they suck all the negativity and spreads only happiness. I personally never seen a person being handed a taco and they don’t have a huge smile on their face. Aside from Taco Tuesday and Free Taco Day Taco Bell there is a National Taco Day. Just what Tacos needed to promote its consumption.

You must know, Americans eats tacos a lot to be more specific an estimate of 4.5 billion a year. Tacos are Mexican sandwiches with a hard/soft tortilla wrap around a spicy filling. The tortilla is made of corn or wheat and the filling could be anything between variety of spices meshed together with beef, pork or fish.

For national taco day 2020, make it a priority to try out the countless variations you are offered. Like a saying, nothing haunts you more than a taco you didn’t try.

Taco Day in USA: 4 October

Taco Day in Mexico: 31 March

Taco Day

You can even create them at home using traditional meats or with seafood, chicken, beans, cheese and eggs. As for garnishes – salsa, cilantro, avocado, tomatoes, onions and lettuce are the best choices. So, when is taco day? You will find that out in a while if you keep reading this article.

When is National Taco Day?

If you ask me, what day is national taco day, on national level it’s on October 4 in U.S. on March 31 in Mexico and on every Tuesday. But personally, I believe everyday should be a taco day.

A good spicey taco is all that you need in life to be happy. You know what they say about tacos? If you are not a taco, you can’t make everyone happy!

History of National Taco Day!

If its Tacos, they have been around for a long time. The history of tacos goes as far back as 1520! But those were the soft wheat or corn tortillas. Whereas hard tortillas taco is a more recent novelty.

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For a dish so widely favorite, the history of national taco day is important to know. According to a taco expert, Jeffrey M. Pilcher, the word first came from the silver mines in Mexico. In 18th century, taco were the little explosives, the workers used to extract the ore.

Tacos were pieces of paper wrapped around gunpowder and placed into holes carved in the rock. If you think carefully chicken tacos filled with hot sauce do look like an explosive dynamite. That explains why the first-ever tacos were called tacos de minero which means “miner’s tacos”.

So, you see the taco was not necessarily a food from the start. Yet there are claims that tacos existed even before the arrival of the Spanish in Mexico in the 16th century. There is evidence that the people living by the lake region of the Valley of Mexico used to eat tacos filled with small fish. While in the states of Morelos and Guerrero filled tacos with small live insects and ants. In Puebla and Oaxaca, locusts and snails were the favorite fillings.

The hard-shell taco was invented in 1890s, that spread across North America. By 1949, a U-shaped taco was discovered in a cookbook by Fabiola Cabeza de Vaca Gilbert. Now Taco Bell, the chain of fast-food restaurants serves a variety of Tacos to two billion+ customers in 5,800 restaurants in the U.S. alone. While the device to hold the taco in its U-shape ad kits to make tacos at home are available everywhere. ​

Types Of Tacos To Try This Free Taco Day Taco Bell:

There is a variety of tacos available throughout the world. you can make it an adventure of national taco day to try some of them if not all. Let’s discuss some of the most famous ones so you can at least give them a try.

First up on the list is Tacos de Cabeza. These are the brain, tongue, eyes and lips of a cow’s head.

Then there are fried tacos called Flautas. These are crispy tripe tacos, shrimp tacos and Tacos dorados they are flute shaped or taquito filled with cooked and shredded chicken or beef, rolled into tube or flute shapes and deep-fried until crispy.

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Taco al Pastor a.k.a shepherd’s style taco, the most popular type of Mexico. It consists of spiced pork, cut in slivers from a vertical spit over an open flame.

Many restaurants in America especially southwest serves breakfast tacos. The tortilla is made of fried corn or flour and is rolled and stuffed with meat, eggs or cheese then topped with onions, salsa and avocado.

Fish taco, the most common on the streets around the Mercado Negro, Ensenada’s fish market. The fish taco is served with small pieces of battered, fried fish in a hot corn or wheat tortilla.

How to Celebrate National Taco Day 2020?

Why would you even ask? The natural way to celebrate national taco day is lots and lots of tacos!

You can start your day with breakfast tacos, have a vegetarian taco for lunch and delicious pork, beef or chicken tacos for dinner. Add the finishing touches with dessert tacos. These tacos are filled with ice cream, fruit or cream topped with chocolate or fruit sauce.

If you have had these tacos before and want to try something new how about Korean-inspired tacos with kimchi filling or Indian-version with curried chicken?

You can browse several versions of tacos online and make them at home. If you are planning to go out you can hit up the following places:

  • Taco Pizza
  • Skirt Steak Tacos with Roasted Tomato Salsa
  • Slow Cooker Pork Tacos
  • Veggie Tacos

While you are at it don’t forget to snap a photo or two of your family and tacos. Share it with everyone using #NationalTacoDay tag to post on social media. So everybody get to know what day is national taco day!

Did You Know?

According to last year’s analysis The U.S. consumed over 4.5 billion tacos. You never would have guessed tacos were the pieces of paper Mexican miners used to wrapped around gunpowder for mining?