What Day is National Puppy Day?

The National Puppy Day is celebrated on the 23rd of March every year. International puppy day is dedicated to the cute little puppies that bring a smile to our faces and joy to our lives.

National Puppy Day

History of National Puppy Day:

Colleen Paige founded the National Puppy Day. The main purpose behind this day’s foundation was to appreciate the efforts that these little creatures do to make our lives happy and joyous. Nothing can beat the smile that a cute little puppy brings to our faces.

Colleen Paige wanted to make the public realize that these cute little creatures are in dire need of our help. The tiny creatures are wandering around in the streets, helpless and food less. Their eyes are always looking for a saviour and the national puppy day is the best time to bring them home. Have you ever seen the expression in the eyes of a puppy who has been hungry and helpless for days? The helplessness in his eyes will make your heart go crazy.

The main motive behind this day was to move the attention of the public towards this issue. A large number of dogs and puppies are losing their lives every day. Numerous shelter homes are working for the well-being of these dogs and puppies. Colleen has inspired a great number of people with her love and affection towards dogs. Being a responsible citizen, it is our responsibility to make sure that all the lives around us save and that’s exactly the purpose of National Puppy Day.

Puppy Day Activities:

If you are wondering what should be done on this day, this is the right place for you to find out the answer. Let us have a look at some interesting activities for puppy day.

Puppy Day Activities

Make a Sweater for your puppy: Winter season has arrived, and just like you, your puppy is also going to feel cold this season. The best thing you can do for your furry partner on his day is to make a cute little cozy, and comfy sweater. Use your favorite colour while creating a sweater. Trust me on this that it will be the best gift as it’s both cute and necessary.

Arrange A Party: Another fun and exciting thing that can be done on this day are to throw a puppy party. Arrange the party in a simple and minimalist way. If you wonder who the guests for this party would be, there is no need to worry. As this party will be in honour of your puppy, help him make new friends by inviting all your friends who own a puppy.

Take Your Puppy For A Walk: This day needs to be dedicated to your puppy. Do everything that you can to make him feel special. Take your puppy out for a walk. Visit a new place this time and make this day special for your furry friend.

Help Him In Learning Something New: Puppies learn and adopt everything very easily. Use this day to help your puppy learn a new activity. You can also make them get accustomed to your favourite music on this day.

Puppy Photo Shoot: Another amazing thing that can be done on this day is to arrange a photo shoot for your puppy. Decide on the location and capture spectacular photos and hang them with your family photos.

Various Breeds of Puppies:

Just like all other animals, puppies also belong to various breeds. It would be best to look at the list given below and know more about puppies.

Various Breeds of Puppies

German Shepherd Puppy: German Shepherds are also known by the name Alsatian. This is one of the most popular breeds. The German Shepherd is an intelligent dog that is very agile. It is a wolf-like dog and is known as a working dog. The general impression of the German Shepherd is that of a hunting dog. Despite all these incredible features of a German Shepherd, you might find some of them in a shelter house or a rescue center. If you happen to find one someplace, don’t hesitate to adopt it.

Golden Retriever Puppy: This is the most famous dog breed in the United States. Golden Retriever is a friendly and tolerant breed. Its intelligence and easy-to-handle features make it the best breed for the family. These dogs are also very capable of working dogs. Golden Retriever is very agile and is regarded as a good athletic dog that proves best in dog sports. It will be a loyal, cute, and smart friend to make.

Beagle Puppy: If you are a fan of small and compact dogs, beagle needs to be the best pick for you. These are loving, caring, and easy to train, but sometimes they get stubborn, and you need to be patient with them. The beagle puppies are the happiest when they are made to follow an interesting scent. This breed is used for this purpose in several countries. But they also prove to be a great family member.

Australian Shepherd Puppy: You would probably be that this breed has its origin in Australia, but that’s not the case. The Australian Shepherd Puppy has its head in the United States. These dogs prove to be amazing family dogs, but for that, you need to channelize their energy and intelligence in the best way possible.

Shiba Inu Puppy: Shiba Inu is one of the top six famous dog breeds in Japan. This breed is known for its agility and long ears. These are not family dogs and were usually used for hunting.

Husky Puppy: The last but not the least dog breed included in this list is the husky puppy. This breed is known for its nice eyes and great colour variants. The dogs seem to wear a fur overcoat. But beware of the independent nature of the dogs before buying one for yourself.


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