National Proposal Day is celebrated on 20th March Every Year!

Ways To Propose on Proposal Day:

You are now aware of the national day of the proposal. What good a national proposal day can bring if you are not aware of some amazing proposal ideas. So, let us have a look at some incredible ideas to propose to your partner.

Use Cute Props:

You must be already aware that girls love cute things, and frankly, everybody does. So why not use this as an advantage. Consider using cute little props like cute teddy bears; a cute little puppy would work too and ask for her hand. You can take help from a cute kid, also. Ask the kid to hand over a bouquet along with some chocolates to your partner. Keep a note asking for a yes or no from her side. Trust me; no one is going to say a no after such cute gestures.

Surprise and Capture:

The best feeling in the world sees some real and candid photos. These kinds of photos become a memory to cherish for life. Ask your partner to let you capture some of his/her images. While he/she is posing for the picture, surprise him/her with a proposal ring and capture their expressions that would be a surprised and happy face for sure in this case.

Scavenger Hunt:

To make your proposal more unique and memorable, plan a hunt. Drop clues at different places and ask your partner to follow them. The best thing would be to drop the hints to the special areas to both of you, the places like your first date spot, a place where you have shared a relaxing moment or something like that, etc., and make the hunt even more interesting.

Write a Poem:

If you are a literary person and loves to read and write, create a poem for your partner. Please include all your memories in it and end the poem by asking for your partner’s hand. No one is going to say a no after such a nice gesture.

Best Places to Propose:

At this point, you are aware of the date of the proposal, the way to propose. Now let’s have a look at some amazing ideas on the places to propose.

Best Places to Propose on proposal Day

Paris: When it comes to the city, which represents romance and love and has the vibe of a cozy romantic place, Paris is the first name that comes to mind. So, why not plan a proposal at this beautiful place. Propose to your partner in front of the Eifel Tower in Paris and propose the most romantic one in the whole wide world.

Hawaii: If you are an adventurous couple and love to discover the most adventurous spots together, Hawaii needs to be the best pick for you to propose to your partner. Any of the eight islands of Hawaii would serve as the most magical spot to ask your partner’s hand for life.

The Bahamas: The Bahamas has recently gained popularity for being the best spot to propose. After J.Lo has chosen this place, it became one of the best options to propose your partner. So, you can also take your partner to this beautiful place and propose to him/her.

Propose at Home : If you want an intimate and cozy surprise for your partner, the home would be the best option. Plan a cool and comfy surprise for your partner and make them feel happy by proposing for marriage.

Beach Proposal Ideas:

Proposing the partner on a beach is a concept that is always loved. Let us explore some enchanting beach proposal ideas and find out if you want to go for any of these ideas or not.

will you merry me

Write a message: It may sound typical but trust me; it’s an idea that always works. Write a short and simple message on the sand and line it with a heart or some flowers and seashells. Make it look as cute as possible, and let the heart of your partner melt.

Use a Bottle: Another dreamy thing that you can do to make your proposal stand out is to buy a message bottle from a shop-an antique bottle would be the best option. Write down a message for your partner on a paper and hide it. Ask your partner to find the bottle, and the moment she started reading the note, kneel before her, and propose to her with a ring.

Build a sandcastle: Another alluring idea would be to build a sandcastle with your partner, and when she is not looking, hide the ring in the top tower and surprise her.

How To Propose To A Man?

Unlike girls, boys want it creative and straightforward. So, if you are planning to propose to your man, try and come up with a unique idea. Keep the proposal about him and tell him about the very when you realized your love for him.

How To Propose To A Girl?

If you plan to propose to your girlfriend, buy her a beautiful ring and decide on some romantic location. Kneel before her and ask for her hand.

Why Do Men Kneel To Propose?

The men are often seen kneeling while proposing to their girl. It is a symbol of respect and obedience and a promise to the girl that they would protect her for the rest of their lives. It symbolizes that they will treat her like a princess.

How Not To Propose?

Always consider your partner’s choice while planning a proposal and make sure that you are not doing anything that can make her feel disrespected.

How Soon Is Too Soon To Propose?

Wait for a few months to make sure that the feelings that you have are genuine. The ideal case would be to wait for 3-6 months at least.

Happy Proposal Day!

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