National Pizza Day is celebrated on 9 February Every Year!

The national pizza day, also known as national pizza pie day, is observed on 9th February every year. Pizza day is celebrated to appreciate and adore an intriguing flatbread topped with olives, jalapenos, cheese, chicken, and whatnot. You can get anything you want as a pizza topping. The love for pizza cannot be denied. Children, adults, and aged people all enjoy it equally.

When is National Pizza Day?

This day is on 9th February and is celebrated with great excitement and joy.

National Pizza Day

History of Pizza Day?

If you are wondering when did pizza day start, this is the right place for you. If we take precisely, the pizza day started somewhat in the 10th century and Naples, Italy. It’s surprising. Yes, that’s where the presence of pizza was recorded for the first time. If we talk about the beginning of the starting days of this appetizing dish, it was not the same always. The pizza was just a flatbread on which some sauce was spread, and cheese was sprinkled. There are chances that it was created for the first time as a creative snack that was easy to make.

Pizza has gained a lot of popularity. There would rarely be some person who is not aware of it and has never tasted it. Pizzas are available in numerous flavors with a large number of toppings and a lot of such things. If we desire to trace the exact time of the national pizza day’s origin, it would be in the 2000s.

National Pizza Day Dates:

Year Day Date
2021 Tuesday 9 February
2022 Wednesday 9 February
2023 Thursday 9 February
2024 Friday 9 February
2025 Sunday 9 February

Things to do on Pizza Day:

There are a lot of things that can be done to make your pizza day memorable and exciting. If you are looking for some ideas to celebrate pizza day, here are some things that you can do.

What is more exciting than visiting your favorite pizza parlor! This day comes only once in a while, in fact once in a whole grand year. So please make the most out of it. Visit your favorite pizza parlor and give yourself a treat by eating your favorite pizza.

Have you ever thought of making a pizza on your own? If your answer is no, then think it over right now. Grab your favorite cookbook or look for a delicious pizza recipe on the internet. You will get a lot of options. Choose the one that suits you the most. And get started with making your very own pizza for the first time.

Are you one of those who have a list of favorites, as in favorite pizza parlor, and they never dare to go anywhere else? Try and visit some new pizza parlor and discover some fantastic flavors of pizza being sold there. I am sure you will get to taste some utterly delicious pizza.

What about a pizza party? Invite some of your loving friends and loved ones and arrange a pizza party. Make every person bring with him/her the pizza flavor that he/she loves. This will fill your table with numerous amazing pizzas.

Other Days To Celebrate Pizzas:

National Pizza Day is not the only day that is meant to celebrate and appreciate pizza. There is a vast list of other such days too. Pizza deserves to be appreciated and adored every day. This love and affection for pizza resulted in creating the days like pizza pepperoni day, cheese pizza day, sausage pizza day, deep-dish pizza day, and last but not least, a pizza party day. Let us have a look at a short introduction to these days and fill our mouths with water!

What Day is National Pizza Pepperoni Day?

Just like pizza day, people also love to celebrate pizza pepperoni day annually. 20th September is the day recognized as pizza pepperoni day. Health is called wealth by all, but no one treats it like one. No doubt, pizzas are heavenly for our pallet but are equally dangerous for our health. That’s not the case with pepperoni pizzas. They are regarded as one of the most nutritious pizza toppings. National pepperoni pizza day is meant to celebrate not only pizza but healthy food also.       

What day is National Cheese Pizza Day?

Cheese is the most loved pizza topping. The majority of the people do not even take it as a topping but regard it as a part of pizza itself. To celebrate this beloved ingredient-cheese, the national cheese pizza day is observed on 5th September every year.

What day is the National Pizza Party Day?

The national pizza party day is celebrated every year on the third Friday in May. All the pizza lovers around the globe eagerly wait for this day. This day is not only a day of appreciation for pizza, but it brings friends and families together. Although pizza parties can be observed throughout the year on various occasions such as birthday parties, job treats, wedding gifts, and several such events; the excitement and joy of a pizza party on the national pizza day is exceptional.

What day is National Sausage Pizza Day?

11th October is the day of celebration of National Sausage Pizza Day. Numerous people enjoy the delicious sausage pizzas on this day. The best thing about sausages is that they go with all kinds of toppings and taste delicious on thin and thick crusts.

 What day is National Deep-Dish Pizza Day?

The National Deep-Dish Pizza Day is observed on 5th April every year. A perfect deep-dish pizza is hard to find and if you have always dreamt of having one, use this day to make the perfect deep-dish pizza for yourself.  


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