International Girlfriend Day Is Celebrated on 1st August Every Year!

Sunday, 1st August 2021

Friendship is an integral part of everyone’s life. Girlfriends hold a special share in each other’s life. National girlfriend day is celebrated to cheer on this special bond of friendship. This day was specially introduced to encourage women’s bond. Girls are the sensitive creatures on this planet, and they always need someone to cheer them up, be their partner in crime, and have a support pillar in the hour of need. Having a girlfriend is a blessing in everyone’s life. Girlfriends exist in many forms of relationships, e.g., mother-daughter relationship, sister-sister relationship, classmates, co-workers, and many others.

National Girlfriend Day

When is National Girlfriend Day?

International girlfriend day is celebrated on 1st August to encourage all girlfriend relationships across the world. It is a day to praise all girlfriends’ bonds and spread love and kindness for this beautiful relationship.

History of National Girlfriend Day:

The author of “mother-daughter” Kathleen Laing and Elizabeth Butterfield first introduced National girlfriend day in 2002. They suggested the date of 20th September for the National girlfriend day celebration. Later on, it was confirmed by Mistress Susan and the website team Allie Savarino Kline and Sally Rodgers of that the date of national girlfriend day would be 1st August.

Grilfriend Day, History of National Girlfriend Day
Grilfriend Day, History of National Girlfriend Day

How is National Girlfriend Day celebrated?

This day brings a chance for all the girls to enjoy their moments of friendship. Girlfriends celebrate this day by having fun, hanging out with girls, eating, watching movies together, shopping, and spending all day long with their friends. A long talk with the best friend to share all the heart out is the best therapy on this national girlfriend appreciation day. Girls wish each other through girlfriend day wishes and greetings. Girlfriend day Text messages are exchanged between girls on this special occasion. Memorable national girlfriend day quotes and girlfriend day greetings can be found on different online portals.

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Importance of National Girlfriend Day:

In this hectic life routine, nobody finds time to spend some leisure hours with the dear ones. These special days provide us a golden chance to appreciate each other and the crucial relations that we usually ignore due to our busy life. Likewise, the national girlfriend day is essential to:

  • Appreciate your girlfriends for bringing colors to your life.
  • Encourage your support partners who are always ready to help you out in your hard times.
  • Enjoy your moments with your girlfriends to create some beautiful memories to rejoice in forever.
  • Take out particular time to fresh up your mind and soul by spending some good time with your best pals.
  • To praise the special people that you have in your life in the form of girlfriends.

Bottom line:

Celebrating national girlfriend day is a fun and entertaining source for all busy women who do not have time to appreciate their girlfriends. It is the best day to spread love and affection to the special people of your life. Everyone across the world should celebrate this day with the whole spirit.

Happy National Girlfriend Day!