National Donut Day is celebrated in the United States on the First Friday of June!

04 June 2021

It is often said that you can’t buy happiness, but you can at least buy donuts! And that’s basically the same thing.

For all sweet-tooth who basically relish every piece of juicy, puffy, creamy absolutely delish donuts, national donut day is a one-of-a-kind treat. On a diet? Well, you can forget about that for one day, can’t you? There are only so many such flavorsome events to sink your teeth in doughy goodness. Besides, who can say no to donuts! The best-fried dough there is laced with every possible flavor, from chocolate to bacon to even bubblegum!

If this gets you excited, wait! We’re just getting started. Keep reading the article to find out all sorts of juicy details about donuts and International Donut Day.

Donut Day

What Is National Donut Day?

First off let’s talk about what is national donut day? In 1917 during the times of World War I, a Salvation Army of more than 250 women sent to feed donuts to the brave troops on the front lines.

In Europe, these brave volunteers, more commonly known as Salvation Army Lassies, went to the front lines to deliver home-cooked food to American Troops.  What’s more exciting is these donuts were cooked in American soldiers’ metal helmets.

In 1938 the salvation army decided to make this a ritual remembering those brave women by celebrating free donut day every year. The goal was to help the needy during the Great Depression.

When Is National Donut Day?

So, when is this scrumptious National holiday? National Donut Day is usually celebrated in the United States on the first Friday of June each year. In honor Salvation Army members who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I.

Curiously enough, there is a second National Doughnut Day that falls five months later on November 5. It is because the food holiday historian John Bryan Hopkins believes it is close enough to “Veterans Day” (which falls on November 11). Thus, retail outlet is more likely to be acknowledged.

National Donut Day Dates

Year Date Day
2021 04 June Friday
2022 03 June Friday
2023 02 June Friday
2024 07 June Friday
2025 06 June Friday

How to Celebrate International Donut Day?

What is there to know its happy national donut day celebration? What is there going to be besides enjoying your favorite donuts! And there are so many varieties to boot!

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However, if you are absolutely hopeless when it comes to planning holidays and need some creative ideas, here are some fun activities that can make your international donut day a fun day!

National Donut Day Fundelicious Activities:

Explore Donut Options:  you probably had donuts before, so what to do to make this holiday special? Stop visiting the usual shops and explore your options. Find new shops in your local area that sells delicious donuts. It will be a fun experiment if you count in some of your friends or family members.

Live the Legacy! Want to be as generous as those volunteer women from the salvation army? Pick out a variety of donuts and share them with everyone. Everyone includes friends, family members, colleagues, workers at your building, neighborhood kids, etc.

Cook them at home: Making donuts at home can be an exciting experience, especially when you share it with family and friends. There are a ton of recipes available online. You can try a variety of fillings and toppings.

Donut Day Specials – try these crazy new flavors, it’s worth it!

So, we have been mentioning these tons of fillings, and toppings donuts have. An entire day dedicated to sweets gives you a lot of opportunities to try, if not all, most of them. Below are some of the most mouth-watering options you’ll want to try immediately:

  • Voodoo Doughnut Voodoo Bubble: vanilla frosting, bubble gum dust, and an actual piece of bubble gum.
  • Holey Moley Coffee and Doughnuts Cookie Dough: vanilla ice-cream, real chocolate chunks, and fudge. The WBA’s “most unique doughnut” category winner is a unique mix.
  • Dynamo Donut Hibiscus Pink Lemonade: I know what you’re thinking, isn’t that a drink? You’ll be surprised, but now it’s a donut too. The familiar flavor of fresh lemon zest folded in a vanilla base then dipped in hibiscus-lemonade glaze and a candied lemon slice topping.
  • Rebel Donut Blue Sky (Breaking Bad): this moist vanilla cake finished with blue cotton candy icing, and a rock candy crumbles is Jesse Pinkman’s favorite. And we are sure you’ll like it too.
  • Donut Diva Chocolate Chip Banana Bread with Nutella & Peanut Butter Drizzle: with the taste of fresh out of oven banana bread complete with chocolate chips, Nutella, and Peanut Butter.
  • Doughboy Color Munster: gooey lemon icing with fruity pebbles on top that goes quite well with a glass of milk.
  • Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken PB&J: I know you think peanut butter and jelly are for sandwiches but not anymore.
  • Donut Friend S’Morrissey: toasted marshmallows, chocolate glaze, and graham crackers. Yummmm!
  • B Doughnut Chives: donut with chives? You heard that, right! (it rhymes!) that’s not all; it’s filled with whipped cream cheese, which comes with just about every seasoned dipping on the side.
  • District Doughnut Bananas Foster Creme Brulee: this roasted banana rum pastry comes with caramelized sugar and banana chips.
  • PinkBox Churro Bar Donut: we’ve tasted so many sweets glazed with cinnamon already, but this donut is out of this world. Try it to see what you mean.
  • California Donuts Blueberry Toast Crunch: blueberries aren’t just for cakes, taste this donut with Cinnamon Toast Crunch and creamy blueberry frosting and your tastebuds would agree.
  • Doe Donuts Root Beer Float: you can now relish the refreshing root beer taste in a donut without straws.
  • Union Square Donuts Brown Butter Hazelnut Crunch: A donut with brown butter glazing and toasted and crushed hazelnuts toppings. It’s so good that its practically a sin.
  • Underwest Donuts Halva: this halva cake donut covered in a black and white tahini glaze is an exotic taste made from ground sesame seeds and honey.
  • Blue Star Donuts and Coffee Cointreau Creme Brulee: this one takes the traditional taste of creamy vanilla custard to perfection by filling it in a donut.
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If you are expecting to taste any of the above flavors, you might want to try out the following stores:

  • Krispy Kreme
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Shipley Donuts
  • Tim Hortons
  • Voodoo Donuts

Did You Know?

So, you think you know your donut? You need to know these five fun facts about donuts; you’ll be amazed!

  1. The Dutch settlers called donuts “olykoeks,” which means “oily cakes.”
  2. Donuts didn’t always have a hole. At first, they were simply fried pieces of dough.
  3. Donuts are a part of math. The shape of a donut in geometry is known as a Torus.
  4. According to an estimation made recently, donuts are the most widely sold sweets in the US, around 10 billion are sold every year.
  5. Donuts are somewhat a luxury. There are donuts with champagne filling and 24 karat gold toppings. They are sold for a hefty price.