International Dog Day Is Celebrated on 26th August Every Year!

Thursday, 26th August 2021

What Day Is National Dog Day?

The National Dog Day is celebrated on the 26th of August every year. It’s going to be a Thursday in 2021.

Why Do We Celebrate The International Dog Day?

International Dog Day is meant to appreciate the dogs as they are a significant part of their owners’ lives. Dogs are always considered faithful to their masters. They are cute in appearance too. But despite all these good qualities, many dogs are found helpless and food less on the roads and streets. The International Dog Day marks the recognition of all those dogs that need help. This day is also known by the name Dog Appreciation Day.

History of National Dog Day:

A Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate, Colleen Paige, founded this day in 2004. Dogs are the best friends of man. There is a reason behind this friendship, which is the loving and caring nature of this specie. These furry little creatures are always ready to act upon their friend’s order and will do anything that can to make their owner feel good and happy in bad times.

Colleen Paige founded this day to appreciate these sensitive creatures. The dogs do so much for others, and all we can do for them is to dedicate a day for them or make them feel special and pampered on this day. So, this day is meant to celebrate all the dogs around the globe.

it's national Dog day

Another important reason that made Colleen Paige put forward the idea of Dog Day is to draw the people’s attention towards the condition of dogs. There is a large number of dogs that can be found helpless on the roads. Although many shelters are working in society to provide protection and safety to these dogs but frankly speaking, these shelter homes can never rescue all the dogs without the public’s support and help, and that’s precisely what we are meant to do.

The National Dog Day also aids in drawing the public attention to all the contributions of dogs towards society. This day encourages the public to take care of all the dogs without considering their breed or kind.

In 2013, the National Dog Day was included in the New York Legislation that is a significant achievement. Now, this day can be observed in several countries around the globe.

National Dog Day Activities:

If you are looking for some ideas for activities to do on this National Dog Day, you are at the right place. Let us have a look at some exciting activities for dog day.

Activities on national Dog DayVisit A Local Shelter: If you are a person who doesn’t have a dog of his own but loves dogs, there is nothing to get sad about this year’s dog day. You can visit any local shelter and spend some time with the dogs there. It has been quoted at times that the shelter dogs love the time they spend outside. So, don’t feel sad and make this day memorable for yourself and the dogs.

Take Your Dog To A Beach: You know what, the best place for your dog to visit on this day of her is the beach. Take your dog on a trip to some dog-friendly beach and let the cool breeze touch her face and the cold water her paws. The joy and pleasure that this visit to a beach will give to your dog is something she deserves on her big day. So, while planning on your National Dog Day activities this year, try and keep this option in your cart.

Watch A Movie With Him: If you have a dog at your place, this idea will not be new to you. For the people who never had a pet dog, let me explain it a bit. Some owners claim that their dogs can recognize their favorite TV shows, and others don’t believe in this. But the point here is different. It doesn’t matter much if your dog can recognize the characters or plays on the TV. The thing that matters here is the cuddle and fun they would do while enjoying a movie on a couch. So, it’s never wrong to watch one on National Dog Day.

Let Him Decide The Way This Time: The dogs have a bit of sniffing on everything in their way. They are a bit moody too and walk at the pace of their choice. At times, the owners have to take them forcefully to the course of their choice. This dog day, let your dog decide the way. Walk with him and let him sniff on everything he wants; let him walk at the pace of his choice.

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What Does Dog Days Of Summer Mean?

The dog days of summer was a term used by the Greeks and the Romans. This occurred around the day when Sirius rises just before the sun. The dog days of summer are considered the hottest days of the year. They come somewhere around late July.

When Is Take Your Dog To Work Day?

The National take your dog to work day is celebrated on the Friday following Father’s Day. In the year 2021, this day would be observed on the 25th of June. This day was meant for the people who used to leave their dogs back at the house and come to the office. It is ideally said that a dog should not be kept alone for more than four hours.

Happy National Dog Day!