Lohri Festival Is Celebrated on 13th January Every Year.

Wednesday 13th January 2021

What is Lohri Festival?

Lohri is a Punjabi festival that comes on the 13th of January every year. This is mainly celebrated by Sikhs.

Why is Lohri Festival celebrated?

It is commonly believed that Lohri is celebrated in order to mark the ending of peak winter. But the traditional history of Lohri suggests something else. Lohri is actually linked with the harvest of rabi crops. As the traditional time of harvesting sugarcane crop in January. This is the reason why Lohri is observed in January. Some people see this festival as a harvest festival. The Punjabi Farmers believe in the proposition of harvesting so, they celebrate the day following Lohri as the financial New Year.

Lohri Festival how to celebrate

How To Celebrate Lohri Festival?

The Lohri Celebrations in India and several other countries where Punjabi’s and Sikhs are found are very common. This day is celebrated with great excitement. The night before, Lohri is considered to be one of the longest nights of the year. After this night, all the days will be long, and nights will fall short for an entire year. The main component of Lohri Celebrations is a Bonfire.

Being a harvest festival, Lohri is mainly meant to be observed among farmers. But as Punjab is a land of agriculture, everyone is seen participating in this festival. The people of Punjab wait for this festival all year.

As mentioned earlier, the main thing on this day is the huge bonfire. For the bonfire, people start gathering sticks one or two days before and stack them so that it takes the shape of a pretty decent bonfire. The bonfire is then lit in the night. People gather around it. It is a tradition on Lohri to circle the bonfire and sing and dance.

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Lohri Festival Invitation:

Several rituals are connected with this bonfire on the day of the Lohri Festival. A Lohri Party is held where all the friends and family members are invited. There is a tradition in Punjab regarding the Lohri Invitation. A member of the family takes the invitation to the house of every guest. At times, a person is appointed to deliver the invitation to the house of every desired person.

Other Traditions:

There is a tradition of throwing certain things into the bonfire while moving around it. Throwing of sesame seeds, jaggery or Gur, sugarcane sticks, popcorns, and several other things is very common. People love to dance around the fire and throw these things as they sing and dance.

Lohri Festival how to celebrate in punjab

The traditional dance of the Punjab that is called “Bhangra” can be observed too. It is basically a dance form where people dance on the beats of a drum commonly known as Dhol in Punjab. The occasion is also marked by wearing the most vibrant colors. Salwar and Kameez are usually preferred on this day.

Lohri Festival Greetings:

The day is marked by numerous Lohri Greetings as well. People are seen hugging each other and paying their best regards. Wishing each other a year full of prosperity and happiness is also prevalent. The Happy Lohri Wishes would mark this amazing day.

  • On this Lohri festival, spread love, happiness, and message of peace all around. Wishing you a very Happy Lohri!
  • On this Lohri festival, I wish that the warmth of the bonfire and the sweetness of the Jaggery remains with your perpetually. Happy Lohri!
  • Play the Punjabi music and dance on the tunes of drum this Lohri and share smile & laughter with all.
  • On this festive season of Lohri, may God bless you with good health and lifelong companionship. Happy Lohri to you and your family!
  • May the Lohri fire burn away all the sadness out of your life and bring you joy, Happiness, and Love. Wishing a Very Happy Lohri to You and Your Family.
  • Wishing this Harvest Season Brings Happiness and Prosperity to You and Your Family. — Happy Lohri!
  • Enjoy this Lohri to the fullest & share the sweetness of love with rewri, moongfali and popcorn with all and spread happiness.
  • Play the Punjabi music and dance on the tunes of drum this Lohri and share smile & laughter with all.
  • May this festival of zeal and verve fill your life with lots of energy and enthusiasm that will bring ultimate prosperity to you. Happy Lohri
  • We hope on this Lohri festival, You got connected with your friends, With your family, And May God give you a blessing for the future. — Happy Lohri
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Happy Lohri!