Kiss A Ginger Day is celebrated on 12th January Every Year!

What is Kiss a Ginger Day?

The national kiss a ginger day is observed on the 12th of January every year. This holiday is meant to show your love and affection to the exceptional ginger in your life and to make them realize how much you care for them. This can be done by kissing them on either the cheek or the lips. This holiday began just a few years back in 2009. It isn’t surprising to know that it started in 2009 because only about 2% of the world’s population has natural red hair. So, if you are lucky enough to have a redhead in your love, consider showing your love and gratitude towards him on this day.

Kiss a Ginger Day

How did Kiss a Ginger Day start?

Derek Forgie laid the foundation of this day in 2009. It started as a Facebook group. In the beginning, the purpose of this day was to counter the Kick a Ginger Day, that began in November. The Kick a Ginger Day resulted in making the lives of all the gingers way too tricky. They were being tortured, harassed, and assaulted in all the places, whether in schools, offices, or other public places. And this assault was not limited to a particular area or region. It happened all around the world.

Redheads are the rarest in the world. They are very few expressions of the genetics of it in the world. If we talk about the actual red color, only 1-2% of the world’s population has that. Burgundy, bright copper or bright orange can be found more accessible and more often than an actual beautiful red color. In some world regions, the people with red hair are demoralized and degraded, and the phrase “like a red-headed stepchild” is ubiquitous in such places. In the rest of the world, redheads are loved and liked by all. The bond and relation with red hair is something beyond expression. One of the most popular hair dye products is red hair dye, and there is a wide range of various hair dyes available in red.

Things to do on Kiss a Ginger Day:

If you are looking for some ideas to celebrate kiss a ginger day, this is the right place for you. The first thing that you can do on this day is to find a person with red hair and offer him/her to give them a good kiss. This kiss would be a symbol of appreciation and love for their red hair. But wait! Don’t ever kiss someone without taking prior permission.

We are not saying that you should room around in the streets and kiss any ginger people that come to your site. No! that would be completely wrong. We are not aiming to get the ginger people or you in trouble. If you know a ginger person who would not mind being kissed, go ahead, and do that but if there is no such person in your circle, consider some other option.

There are a lot of things to do other than kissing around. You can spread awareness about this day. Use your social handles for this purpose. Make a post on Instagram and express your love for Prince Harry. (We hope Meghan Markle will not mind!)

You can buy a chocolate box or some other gift for all of your favorite redheads and give them a present kiss. Everyone loves chocolates, and we are sure gingers would enjoy them too. So, what about giving them a chocolate kiss and make a bar of a chocolate kiss them!

The best way to celebrate this day is to make all the redheads around you happy. This is their day so, make them feel special and do all things possible for them. Whether a redhead is your partner, friend, family member, colleague, or any other person, please make the most out of this day for them. You can cook them a meal, buy them some chocolates, take some to the office for them, or send them a bouquet of aromatic flowers. There is no need to spend a fair amount of money or arranging a grand party or a big celebration for them. Just make these small kind gestures for them, and we are sure they will love these.

Celebrate International Kiss a Ginger Day:

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Another fantastic way to celebrate this day is to watch some tremendous movies or listen to excellent redhead music. Here is a quick memory test, and we hope you like it! Which is the redhead that comes to mind when we talk about music? And…….., yes! You guessed it right! Ed Sheeran. Listen to some of his hits and chill around. You can also watch a show featuring a redhead such as Christina Hendricks, Amy Adams, or Lindsay Lohan.

There are a lot of other ways to make this day a memorable one. Just celebrate it in the best way you can and never forget to take care of everyone around you.As mentioned numerous times before, this day is dedicated to redheads. So, a lot of wishes and greetings for the redheads mark this day. These wishes include some prayers for their happiness, health, and well-being. Some of the most beautiful wishes include:

Some famous kiss a ginger day sayings are also very commonly used on this day.