International Cat Day is Celebrated on 8th August Every Year!

Sunday 8th August 2021

When is International Cat Day?

International cat day is celebrated on the 8th of August each year as a symbol of care and love for cats.

What Is An International Cat Day?

People worldwide celebrate national cat day as a tribute to cats and acknowledge their loving nature. The internal national cat day was formed in 2002 by a non-profit organization, “International Fund for Animal Care.” In Egypt, people still consider cats as gods and worship them. There is no doubt that cats are the most incredible living creatures on the planet. International cat day is also known as national black cat day, world cat day, etc.

Why Is Celebrating Cat Day Crucial?

One of the main reasons people love to celebrate cat day is to express their cats’ adoration. The love for cats’ dates to the era where Egyptians ruled the world. People from Egypt look at cats as a source of protection from evil and bad times. One reason why people from all around the globe love to dedicate their day to adore cats is their loving nature. Cat showers a person with unconditional love that can quickly melt anyone’s heart.

International Cat Day

Traditions For International Cat Day:

People like to name cat days according to the cats they own. Some people call it national black cat day, ginger cat appreciation day, or cat’s mother day. However, cat day is bound by some traditions that people love to follow. You may think that cats get the royal treatment on international cats’ day. However, the cat owners spoil their cats on international cat day and cater to all their needs. Some people buy their cat’s delicious treats which they can eat all day. People who hate catnip also let loose and led their cat shed to their utmost heart’s desire.

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People love to show care to their cats on a regular day as well. However, on an international cat day, a cat owner goes above and beyond to fulfil whatever their cat’s desire. If you are a cat owner and are clueless about how you can treat your cat special, you can also cuddle with them.

How To Celebrate Cat Day?

People are superstitious about black cats; hence, they need more love than ever. People who sympathize with black cats also call this day a black cat appreciation day. If you are willing to be a part of the cat day, you can start by adopting a cat. If you think you do not have enough money to buy a cat, then look around you. There are a lot of stray cats on the streets that need love and care.

No one ever said that they regret not adopting a cat. You can be a part of national cat lady day or cat Mother’s Day if you are a cat owner. The right way to celebrate a cat’s day is to appreciate and love your cat’s unintentionality. They will shower so much love on you. The feeling of pure bliss and love is something you want to hold on to.

Activities On the International Cat Day:

International Cat day Japan is the most meaningful one because people help stray cats find a home. You can also play your part in rescuing and sheltering cats this cat day. If you are already a cat owner, spend extra time with your fluff ball and cuddle.

Happy Cat Day!

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