International Hugging Day is celebrated on 21st January Every Year!

What Does A Hug Mean?

Before getting started with the national hugging day, we should know what a hug means or the definition of a hug. If we talk literally, a hug means holding someone tightly between the arms or embrace someone. But do you know what does a hug symbolizes? It is a symbol of affection, comfort, and consolation. In our life, sometimes words are not enough or sufficient to explain what we feel or what we want to convey to the other person. At times like these, a hug is an excellent way to convey your feelings to others. It is a thing that expresses more than words.

It’s a way to share support and to make people feel good about themselves and their lives. Hugging makes people feel that it’s okay not to be okay, and there is nothing wrong in getting compassion from others.

National Hugging Day

When is national hug day?

The national hugging day is celebrated on the 21st of January every year. Hugging is one of the simplest yet efficient ways to express your gratitude towards someone or show your affection. It is an act that people do with their loved ones. It’s supposed to tell the people you love that you are always there for them. But unfortunately, this act of affection is not done enough these days. There may be various reasons for this, but whatever the cause is, people these days are not likely to hug each other.

The main aim of hugging day is to encourage and motivate people to hug more. And it doesn’t matter if you know the person you are hugging or not because this is an act that will give comfort to others, so do it without getting involved in the matters like identity, cast, or any other thing.

Another important thing associated with the national hug day is that it allows people to understand each other better, which will help them connect. It encourages the connection with others on a more intimate level.

History of Hugging Day:

Kevin Zaborney founded this day. After observing the low spirits of the people around him, even on the glorious and festive days like Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Valentine’s Day, this idea came to mind. He was surprised to observe that everyone lacks the excitement and glory that are the main components of these days. This leads to the foundation of hugging day.

The hugging day was celebrated for the first time in 1986. After that, it became a popular holiday and is now loved and celebrated all around the world. All liked the concept of this day, so; it is now regarded as a glorious and famous holiday.

Studies have shown that, in the USA, people are not very open about their emotions. They don’t like expressing their emotions and feelings in public. The hugging day aims to change this about the people. Its purpose is to change how people look at emotions to change their perspective about feelings and emotions.

When we talk about hugging, it has many benefits. Whether it be the reduction of stress by showing support, aiding in boosting the immune system, improving the heart’s health, or the production of an oxytocin-a brain chemical associated with happiness, hugging is advantageous in all ways.

This day allows people to take out some time to hug their loved ones. Another important thing that is done to encourage people to hug even more is the arrangement of competitions. Hugging competitions are held on the official website of hugging day. In this competition, various people from different regions of the world participate, and the person who gives the best hug wins.

National Hugging Day With WWE Video:

Video by WWE

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Kids Hugging:

Hugging day is loved by kids the most. This love for hugging that is that children are generally the ones who are less afraid or only not afraid at all in showing their love and expressing their compassion towards someone. So, this day is not less than a treat for them. Moreover, do you know that hugging your child now and then is very beneficial for his/her physical and mental growth?

A hug for 20 seconds will help your child grow smarter, healthier, and happier. In addition to that, it will bring your child closer to you. It is scientifically proven that hugging has sound effects on the growth of the child. A nurturing touch, such as a hug, provides a positive stimulation that helps in a young brain’s healthy growth.

Hugging your child will stimulate his/her growth because it increases the production of oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, which functions to increase the child’s growth. Moreover, an increase in oxytocin levels results in many health benefits, including an increase in the immune system’s efficiency.

Couples Hugging:

Hugging is the most crucial thing in a relationship. The biggest reason being it increases intimacy resulting in the partners getting close to each other, which is good for their relationship. Moreover, it creates an emotional and physical bond between the partners.

In addition to these emotional impacts, hugging has some good impacts on a person’s physical well-being. Researches have shown that the hugged person is unlikely to get stressed out because hugging causes a reduction in the production of the cortisol hormone-also called the stress hormone.

Friends Hugging:

The importance of hugging in any relation or bond cannot be denied, and friendship is not an exception—the friends who hug each other more or are close share a strong bond. Moreover, hugging is a symbol of togetherness, which is essential in a good friendship. So, make sure that you hug your friend enough never to let your bond break.

  • Hugging day is meant to make the connections between the people healthy but make sure to ask for the other person’s permission before hugging him/her.

Happy Hug Day!