January 11 is celebrated annually as Morse Code Day!

How To write Your Name in Morse Code Day

Every day brings something new in your life, new opportunities, new choices, and, most importantly, new memories. That’s one reason we say every day is a good day.

Each day is a new beginning and contains some remembrance or fragments of history. Learn your name in Morse Code Day is one such fragment. If you have heard of this innovative communication language, you know what I am talking about. In case you don’t, this article is an excellent opportunity to know all there is about learning Morse code, how to celebrate learn your name in Morse code, and much more! So You Can Learn How to write Your Name In Morse Code with Morse code translator!

Let’s Begin!

What is Morse Code?

In simple words, it’s a way to transmit text through a series of signals. A sequence of dots and dashes represents its characters or more appropriately Morse Code alphabets.

It is the most innovative communication medium the world has seen. It is one of the first high-speed communication networks. Just through some flashes of light, you can see the code on display. Before the invention of telephones, Morse code was the fastest information transmitter across vast distances.

To sum it up, Morse codes are messages sent via tones, lights, or clicks. There is even an International Morse Code system based on the ISO basic Latin alphabets. Also, there are some Latin letters, Arabic numerals, punctuation, and procedural signals.

What are Morse Code Alphabets?

As mentioned earlier, the Morse code characters are nothing but a specific sequence of dots and dashes. Learn Morse code  through the following Morse code chart or a Morse code dictionary, whatever you may like to call it:

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Morse Code Alphabets

History of Morse Code Day:

Learning about this fun day makes you wonder about many things. Like who came up with Morse Code? When was it first transmitted, and who sent the first telegraph message in Morse code on this day in 1884? Oops! A slip of the tongue. Well, now you know it was first transmitted in 1884. Samuel Breese Morse and Alfred Vail, the inventors of Morse code, publicly demonstrated this electric transmission in 1838.First Morse Code Message Transmitted

By 1841 Morse code converter system was developed to translate Morse code directly to letters. Unfortunately, this system never caught up now though there are tons of Morse code translators.

The inventor, Samuel Morse, was the one to send the first telegraph message on May 24, 1844. It was an experimental line from Washington, D.C., and it read, “What hath God wrought?” taken from the Bible, verse 23:23. The revolutionary experiment’s success took the world by a roar, but then it died down with time as new inventions in the world’s communication mediums took its place.

The Learn Your Name in Morse Code celebration is in remembrance of this fantastic invention. Created by someone known as only Brownielocks (the real name is unknown to date) was his part of the effort in revitalizing the reorganization of this fascinating method of communication.

Morse Code Numbers?

Learn morse code numbers from below chart. you can also use Morse code generator to convert Morse code to text.

Morse Code Numbers Chart

What is Morse code SOS?

During the time, Morse Code was on the rise worldwide, the military and other defense forces couldn’t bear to be left behind. That’s when they started to learn Morse code to send out emergency signals like SOS.
Until 1991, the Morse code translator for SOS, “••• – – – •••” meaning “Save Our Souls” or “Save Our Ship” was communicated to signal out distress by ships and naval vessels around the world.

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The Global Maritime Distress Safety System replaced it in 1999. Though it is still widely recognized as a distress signal.

How Do You Celebrate Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day?

There is no specific order or customs as to how to celebrate Morse code day, but the most common thing to do would be learning Morse code. This code has played a specific role in society. Learn Morse code to learn about its purpose and how efficient it made communicating with your friends, family, and even to send signals by the military and the aviation industry worldwide.

No time to learn the whole language? No problem, learn at least to spell out your name in Morse code. You can learn it fast using the Morse code chart or even quicker with Morse code translator.

If you have already learned the language, did you find out what’s Independence Day Morse code? Or I love you in Morse code, one of the most common phrases people are learning these days.

Other Days Celebrated on January 11:

Along with the learn your name in Morse code day, January 11 also celebrates these events:

• International Thank-You Day
• National Step in A Puddle And Splash Your Friends Day
• National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Did You Know?

Tarry Turner initiated the fastest Morse code transmission ever achieved in 1942. He transmitted Morse code message at a speed of 35 words per minute.