Greek or Greece Independence Day is Celebrated on 25th March Every Year!

What is Greece Independence Day?

Greek Independence Day is celebrated on March 25th every year and is a major public holiday. This day is basically for the celebration of the declaration of the Greek War of Independence from the Ottoman Empire. March 25th, 1821 is marked as the day when Greece revolted against the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire had ruled Greece for more than four centuries, and with the help of Russia, France, and Britain, it finally became an independent state in 1829. This day celebrates the pride, sovereignty, and respect of the country.

Greece Independence Day

History of Greece National Day:

The Ottoman Empire ruled Greece for about 400 years. It had been a part of this Empire since 1453. In 1825, Greece declared a revolt against the Ottoman Empire. It happened when the priest Germanos of Patras held the flag of revolution in the Peloponnese. “Freedom or Death” was the motto of the revolution. The people of Greece had come to the point where they kept freedom and life on the same level and decided to either live independently or not live at all. The Greeks succeeded in the early battlefield. This included the capture of Athens in 1822. But the Turks had recaptured most of the Greek Isles and Athens by 1827.

At this point, France, Russia, and Great Britain decided to help Greece against the Ottoman Empire, and they destroyed the Ottoman-Egyptian fleet. The entire conflict and revolution ended with the Treaty of Edirne in 1829. This resulted in the establishment of a free and Independent Greek state.

Things to do on Greece Independence Day:

Like all other Independence Day celebrations, Greece Day celebrations are also marked with the expression of patriotic spirit. On this day, numerous patriotic speeches are made. Several Parades and military demonstrations are also the main highlights of this day.

In the schools and colleges, various parades and events are organized on this day. The children march, holding the Greek flag in their hands. They were different traditional costumes too. All this creates an atmosphere full of love and respect for the country.

The largest and biggest parade occurs in Athens. This parade entertains the audience or the spectators, including the President of the State, with various activities including marching bands, military vehicles, and squadrons from the Greece Armed Forces.

Another way of celebrating this day is to enjoy traditional Greece food. The most famous being bakaliaros- batter-fried salted cod and skordalia, which is garlic and potato dip.

It is the custom in Greece that eating fish and meat is prohibited during Lent. But flesh and fish can be enjoyed on two days, and March 25th is one of those days. So, enjoying fish and meat on this big day is very popular.

Greece and Cyprus are not the only places where Greece Independence Day is celebrated. There are many overseas Greeks who celebrate this day with the same enthusiasm and excitement. Numerous large parades and other such activities are gaining popularity in the United States. New York City and Boston also celebrate this day.

The U.S. President reminds every one of the Greeks’ contributions to democracy and the ongoing assistance of Greeks in various world sects. The best part about this day is the free entrance to Acropolis Museum from 09:00 until 18:00.

Greece Independence Day Military Parade Video:

Video by Epoca Libera

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Greece Independence Day Quotes:

Greece Independence is a big day for Greeks. This day is marked with the exchange of greetings and wishes among them.

The use of numerous Independence Day Quotes is also a favorite tradition on this day. These quotes are:

  • “Greece – The feeling of being lost in time and geography with months and years hazily sparkling ahead in a prospect of inconjecturable magic.” – Patrick Leigh Fermor
  • “Happy is the man, I thought, who, before dying, has the good fortune to sail the Aegean sea.” – Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek!
  • “If I’d been born in ancient Greece, I’d worship Zeus and Aphrodite” – Richard Dawkins
  • “There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance” – Socrates
  • “For the wise is easy to go anywhere. Because the whole world is home for a good soul.” – Democritus
Where is Greece located?

Greece-also, known as Hellenic Greece, is located in the South of Europe. It has a tremendous geopolitical location between Africa, Europe, and Western Asia. The Ionian Sea is located to its west, the Mediterranean Sea in the South, and the east’s the Aegean Sea. When it comes to the land boundary, Bulgaria is present to the north, Albania to the northwest, Turkey to the northeast, and the Republic of Macedonia is to the north of Greece.

 What language is spoken in Greece?

Greek is the official language of this country and is spoken by most people living here. Other languages that are common in Greece are Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish, and Bulgarian.

What is Greece known For?

Greece is a famous country and is known as the birthplace of democracy. Western Civilization grew on this land. Greece is known for its ancient history and numerous traditional temples. The Olympic games are also the reason for the popularity of this land. Philosophy emerged and grew from Greece for the very first time. A lot of ancient Greek philosophers laid the foundation of philosophy. Famous personalities like Pythagoras, Thales, etc. all emerged from Greece.

What currency does Greece use?

The currency of Greece is Euro.

When did Rome conquer Greece?

The Greek peninsula was conquered by the Romans back in 146 BC. In the Battle of Actium (31 BC), Cleopatra VII, the queen of Egypt, and Mark Antony, the Roman General, were defeated by Augustus. Later on, he conquered Alexandria in 30 BC – the last great city of Greece.

When was Greece founded?

In light of all the facts, Greece was founded on March 25th, 1821. This was the actual resurrection or revival of the great Empire of Greece.