Estonia Independence Day is celebrated on 24th February!

What is Estonia Independence Day?

The people of Estonia celebrate their Independence Day every year on February 24th. It is a public holiday in Estonia and is celebrated worldwide with great enthusiasm and courage.

History of Estonia National Day:

Estonia issued a declaration of independence from Soviet Russia on February 24th,1918. This declaration was followed by war- a war with the Soviets to maintain Estonian Liberty. The war ended on February 2nd, 1920, with a Tartu Peace Treaty. This treaty guaranteed the Independence of Estonia for always. The Soviets, later on, broke down this treaty or pact, and they ruled Estonia for over 50 years. In August 1939, Molotov- Ribbentrop Pact was signed between Germany and the Soviet Union. This pact resulted in the division of Eastern Europe into spheres of influence. Estonia came under the control of the Soviets. At that time, the “Russification” policy of the Soviet forbidden the Estonian Flag, and Russia was made the official language. The sovereignty of Estonia was re-established in 1991 after the peaceful “Singing Revolution.”

Estonia Independence Day

Things to do on Estonia Independence Day:

The Estonia Day Celebrations start at sunrise with the traditional flag-hoisting on Toompea- a hill in Tallinn. In other Estonian towns, the celebrations begin from the morning and continue throughout the day. This includes the church services, military parade in Freedom Square, and President’s reception in the evening.

Given below is a list of the things to do on this big day.

  • Start the day by placing a wreath or flowers on the graves of the state figures of Estonia. It is the best day to remember those who have contributed to the Independence of Estonia. These wreaths are placed at the grave of President K. Pats, too, at times. The base of the Monument of the War of Independence at Parnu Alevi Cemetery is also decorated with these wreaths. Another monument to the War of Independence is present on Vabaduse Square by the Guard Battalion, where wreaths are placed.
  • Attending the Large Defense Force Parade in Parnu’s Central Square is also a significant thing to do on Estonia Independence Day.
  • In the evening, a concert takes place at the Parnu Concert Hall. It is a reception by the President. Don’t forget to attend this reception or Independence Day concert.
  • Another important thing that can be done on this day is to create awareness among people regarding this day and the honor and significance. You can do this using social handles and various social platforms. Use multiple hashtags to create awareness.
  • This day can be celebrated traditionally, like doing various conventional activities and enjoying and promoting several traditional and cultural dishes. Rye bread with cucumber/garlic sauce, bean soup, sauerkraut stew, and Kama dessert are some of Estonia’s famous dishes.

Estonian Independence Day Military Parade Video:

Video by LIVEst – Estonia / Эстония / Eesti

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Estonia National Day Wishes and Quotes:

Estonia Day holds great significance for the people of Estonia. They greet and congratulate each other on this day through various wishes. Some of these are:

  • Many lives were sacrificed, many battles were fought before we finally got independent…. Today is a beautiful day, and warm wishes on Estonia Independence Day to you.”
  • We are blessed to have a right to speak and to be heard. Right several brave souls fought for. Let’s take a moment to think of their sacrifice and what they had to pay for the Freedom we enjoy.
  • Freedom is the way God intended us; it is something we are born with. Something that no one can take away from you. Let’s celebrate Freedom! Happy Independence Day.
  • Our forefathers bought our Freedom with their hard work and sacrifice. Now we must work hard to create a better nation for generations that follow. Happy Independence Day!
  • My love for my nation is boundless. My love for my people is endless. All I desire for my country is happiness. Let me be the first person to wish you a special Happy Independence Day!
  • Freedom doesn’t see colors or shapes. There are enough hate and violence globally. Now we need to build a better future, full of love, unity, and understanding.
Where is Estonia located?

Estonia is bordered by the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga. It is the northernmost and smallest country of the three Baltic States. With Latvia to its south and Russian to its east, Estonia also shares an oral history with Finland, located to the north across the Baltic Sea. It is 45 227 square miles. Tallinn, its capital city, is one of the most well-preserved medieval towns in the world.

What is the population of Estonia?

Estonia is one of Europe’s most sparsely populated countries. It had only around 1.3 million in 2017. The number of women is higher than that of men. Another exciting thing about this country is that women liven ten years longer than men, on average.

What is Estonia known for?

Estonia is known to be a rich country with only a 5.3 percent unemployment rate. It is pretty efficient and advanced in technology. There are two UNESCO Heritage sites in Estonia. This country is also known for its beautiful women. Estonia’s people love the game “wife-carrying” and have won the championship twice between 1998 to 2008. There is a technique in this game which is famous by the name “Estonian Carry.”

What language do they speak in Estonia?

The official language of Estonia is Estonian. As the literacy rate is very high-99.8%, Estonia’s people can speak various foreign languages pretty efficiently, including English, Russian, Swedish, and Finnish.

Happy Independence Day, Estonia!