Brazil Independence Day Is Celebrated on 7th September Every Year!

Tuesday 7th September 2021

What is Brazil Independence Day celebrated?

Independence day of every country holds some special importance for its native citizens. It is a day of freedom and sovereignty for every independent country. A national holiday is observed on Brazil national day to celebrate independence with full patriotism and devotion. Independence Day Brazil is commemorated by all ages of people with enthusiasm and passion.

Brazil Independence Day
Brazil Independence Day

When is Brazil Independence Day Celebrated?

Brazil Independence Day is observed on 7th September every year. On 7th September 1822, Brazil got separated from the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil, and the Algarve’s and emerged as an independent country.

History of Brazil Independence Day:

“How was Brazil declared as an independent country?” is a must question to come to mind while discussing its independence day. The independence of Brazil occurred after many political and military proceedings from 1821 to 1824. Brazil remained under the influence of Portugal for almost 300 years. After which a wish for freedom aroused in Brazilian people to have their own free country. In 1808, French troops invaded Portugal. In 1820, a political revolution erupted in Portugal against the royal family, but Prince Pedro refused to come back. On 7th September 1822, Pedro declared the country’s independence at the famous scene at the Ipiranga River’s shore, ending 322 years of colonial dominance of Portugal over Brazil.

History of Brazil Independence Day

Celebrations of Brazil Independence Day:

Brazil Independence day is celebrated with a lot of patriotic events. Military parades and patriotic performances are presented on this day to commemorate the day of freedom. A big military parade with the Brazilian president takes place in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. Fireworks are arranged across the country to give a spark to this day. Every corner of the country is decorated with lights and flags. The family and friends gatherings are arranged to dedicate Brazil national day wishes to each other. The children visit their parent’s home to wish them Brazil independence day greetings. The traditional Brazilian dishes are prepared and distributed among the people. People wear unique clothes with a Brazilian flag made on them to show their love for their homeland. The streets of Brazil surround by the sounds of Brazil Independence Day quotes. The national holiday fun continues till late at night.

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Importance of Brazil Independence Day:

Every country’s independence day holds a background story of its efforts and sacrifices to gain freedom. Brazil celebrates its independence day in respect of the following reasons:

  • To commemorate the gifts of the great rulers who fought for our freedom.
  • To show love for your country.
  • To highlight the importance of freedom
  • It is celebrated to show your solidarity towards the nation.
  • It inspires the young generation to serve their country as our forefathers did.
  • It is a celebration of the freedom, culture, and traditions of a country.

The special days celebrated in Brazil.

Like the independence day of Brazil, other special days are also celebrated equally in Brazil. Being a fun-loving country, Brazil is always ready to celebrate different occasions and events to gather and dance as a recreation source.

special days celebrated in Brazil
Special Days in Brazil

The special days that are celebrated across Brazil are as follows:

  • Father’s day in Brazil

This day is celebrated on 8th August every year to pay tribute to the fathers for their efforts and love.

Mother’s day in Brazil. The mother’s day in Brazil is celebrated on 9th May every year to pay tribute to the Mothers for their unconditional love and the sacrifices they made to raise their children.

  • Tiradentes day in Brazil

The Tiradentes day is celebrated on 21st April to consider the national martyr for being part of the Inconfidencia Minerva. This rebellious movement was meant to establish an independent Brazilian republic.

  • Republic day Brazil

This day is celebrated on 15th November to commemorate the end of Brazil’s empire and the declaration of the Brazilian republic on 15th November 1889.

  • All souls day Brazil/ Brazil day of the dead.

All souls day is observed on 2nd November to give prayers for the dead. It is celebrated to commemorate the faithful departed.

  • Children’s day in Brazil

The children’s is celebrated on October 12th to honor children. Brazil was the first country to have a children’s day.

  • Labor day Brazil

Labor day in Brazil is celebrated on 1st May to appreciate labor efforts and pay them special tribute for their hard work.

  • World youth day Brazil
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Brazil was the first host country of the world youth day celebrated on 12th August to spread awareness and empower the world’s youth to make positive contributions towards their communities and nations.

FAQs about Brazil:

A lot of questions come to our mind about Brazilian culture and traditions. So here the answers to these frequently asked questions:

  1. What language is spoken in Brazil?

Portuguese is the first language of Brazil. The Portuguese language has undergone many transformations with the addition of other foreign words in it.

  1. What is the population of Brazil?

Brazil is the largest country in South America, with an estimated population of 212 million people.

  • When is the carnival in Brazil?

The carnival in Brazil is the largest festival of the country held across the four days before Ash Wednesday.

  1. Where to buy Brazil nuts?

The Brazil nuts can be bought from online marts or the leading marts across South America.

  1. When did Brazil gain independence?

Brazil emerged as an independent country on 7th September 1822.

  1. When was slavery abolished in Brazil?

On May 13, 1888, the Brazilian princess signed imperial Law number 3,353, called “Golden Law” and abolished slavery from Brazil.

  • Who discovered Brazil?

Pedro Alvares Cabral discovered Brazil in 1500.

  • How many Brazil nuts will kill you?

Selenium present in Brazilian nuts can be dangerous to health. The body’s tolerable upper intake level of selenium is only 400 mcg, contained by only four raw Brazilian nuts. More than 4 Brazilian nuts can be fatal.

  1. What are Brazilian nuts?

Brazilian nuts are tree nuts found in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. They are very nutritious and healthy. A high amount of selenium is present in Brazilian nuts.

  1. How many calories in a brazil nut?

656 calories are present in 100 grams of Brazilian nuts.

Bottom line:

Brazil Independence Day is celebrated with full patriotism across Brazil. A public holiday is observed on this day. People celebrate their independence with patriotic spirit and devotion. Brazil’s independence is a day to enjoy freedom and liberty to its fullest.