Boxing Day is Celebrated on 26th December!

Boxing Day is celebrated on the 26th of December every year that means a day after Christmas. The name Boxing Day comes from when the rich used to box up presents to give to the poor.

Why Is Boxing Day After Christmas?

When we look at the History of Boxing Day, we find out the answer to the question that people often ask. Why is Boxing Day After Christmas? Despite its name, Boxing Day has nothing to do with the game boxing. An idea about its origin suggests that the 26th of December that means a day after Christmas Day was the day for the Lord of the Manor and aristocrats to distribute Christmas boxes, which were usually filled with gifts, money, and the leftovers from Christmas among the household servants add employees who still work on the 25th of December. These gifts and presents were given to them to appreciate their performance throughout the year.

Boxing Day

Another famous theory about the origin of Boxing Day says that it comes from the alms or charity boxes placed in the churches during the advent seasons to collect money or donations. The content of the boxes or the gifts were distributed among the people on the 26th of December.

Boxing Day Traditions:

Boxing Day is the day to spend with family and friends. It’s a bonus day for the people who have missed Christmas Day celebrations for any reason. People usually gather for meals, spend time outside, or relax and chill at home. Recently, this day has become a popular day for sports. One of the popular games played on Boxing Day is horse racing. Many top football teams like to play on Boxing Day too.

It’s also a day when people usually chill out and do silly activities like swimming in the channel, running on the road, and enjoying and spending a joyous day. Some charity events can also be seen on this day.

Another tradition of this day was hunting, but they could not do that as hunting is banned now. But, on every Boxing Day, the people still gather with their hunting outfits on and run on artificial trails to enjoy the feelings of hunting.

Boxing Day Shopping Deals:

This day is also known for its shopping. Boxing Day is known to be a day similar to Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Retailers offer a significant discount. There is recently a tradition of ‘Boxing Week’ too. So, in many countries, it’s just like a regular shopping day, but it’s still a big deal in others because people celebrate it as a day off, and if they get an opportunity to shop on their day off, it would be a cherry on the top. Boxing Day Sales are also prevalent. The shopping list usually includes Boxing Day Gifts that are the return gifts from Christmas Day. People shop for the unwanted return of their gifts.

If you wonder what shops are open on Boxing Day and what is closed, you are in the right place. Many shops have started giving some extra to their workers to relax. It’s common sense that to open the shop, the availability of staff is a must. Therefore, this year most of the shops would remain closed. Those who have decided to stay open have cut down on their timings. But don’t worry, there are many online deals available on this day, and if you want to shop from the store physically, keep a check on the timings.

Boxing Day Video:

Video by National Geographic

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Celebration Of Boxing Day By Different Countries:

Boxing Day is celebrated differently by different countries. The traditions and cultures on this day may vary, but the spirit is the same worldwide.

Boxing Day Canada:

This day is regarded as the biggest shopping day in Canada. Most people have a day off work on this day and, they visit stores to shop. On this day, the stores open earlier than usual and offer massive discounts. Those who don’t want to shop on this day enjoy many sporting events that are held on Boxing Day on television. This day is a federal holiday in Canada and is celebrated with the same spirit as in other parts of the world. Canada does not have any region-specific traditions for this day.

Boxing Day USA:

It is not celebrated as a charity day when presents or boxes of gifts are presented to the poor. The citizens of the USA celebrate it literally with the actual Cardboard boxes. There is a tradition in the USA to stay at home and stare at the empty Cardboard boxes. It is considered a form of meditation and, it would be better if they are not interrupted during that. Families do not dress up, and they usually do not attend any phone calls. Many people cover the windows of their houses with trash paper so no light could enter their home and, they could do their meditation properly.

Another thing that people love to do on this day is to eat boxed food. This may include pizza, candies, or anything that comes in a box. One person that you will not miss on this day is the pizza delivery boy. Isn’t it interesting!

Happy Boxing Day! Enjoy this day as much as you can!