National Day Of Australia is Celebrated on 26 January!

What is Australia Day?

Australia Day is the National Day of Australia that is celebrated on January 26 every year. This day is celebrated in remembrance of the First Fleet’s landing in Sydney during the mid-18th century. This day is also known as Anniversary Day, Australia Independence Day, and Invasion Day.

What To Do On Australia Day?

If you are wondering what you can do today, this is the right place for you to get some ideas. Before planning anything on this day, keep in mind that the roads may be blocked, so prefer public transport. This will save you time.

One of the best things that can be done on this day is to watch the fantastic sight of fireworks at night. Australians love fireworks, and on Australia Day, one of the biggest fireworks happen. So, if you are fond of enjoying the beautiful fireworks, you can do it for sure on this day! But don’t forget to enjoy the delicious food from the food stalls on the roadside.

Australia Day

The Australian day is right in the middle of summer. You can also enjoy a beach barbeque with your family and friends and fill this day with many fun and memorable moments.

Outdoor concerts and street parades are typical in Australia. On a day like this, many shows and caravans can be observed. You can enjoy any street concert or participate in some parade to fill your day with excitement and fun.

Ferrython is an Australian tradition. At 11 am, some decorated ferries race against each other in Sydney, and the sight is impressive to watch. You cannot sit in the ferries, but the visitors can get a front-row pass to view this incredible race. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your tokens and enjoy this fantastic race!

Happy Australia Day!

Other than Australia Day or Australia Independence Day, many other days are also celebrated in Australia. These days were made to commemorate the persons, events, or relations. Some of these include Fathers’ Day, Mothers’ Day, Anzac Day, and Boxing Day.

Fathers’ Day in Australia

Fathers’ day falls on September 5 every year and is not a public holiday. This day is celebrated to appreciate the fathers for all the efforts they do for their children and to make them feel special. Most of the Australians celebrate this day by doing individual acts in appreciation of father or father figure. These include a day out with the father in a park or some movie. Giving handmade cards to the father to appreciate him is also loved by all. Another act in appreciation of the fathers is to provide them with presents or gifts that they love. These include some food baskets, accessories, clothing, equipment, or anything that makes them feel good. The fathers are often taken to a café or a restaurant for breakfast, lunch, brunch, or dinner. The ways may vary, but the purpose is the same for all: making the fathers feel special and appreciate them.

Mothers’ Day Australia!

Like Fathers’ Day, Mothers’ Day celebrates the mothers’ appreciation, as the name suggests. This day falls on Sunday in the second week of May. It will be on May 9 in 2021.

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In Australia, many people celebrate this day dedicated to their mothers or mother figures. It can be a stepmother, guardian, grandmothers, or any close family friend. Various organizations work in Australia to raise awareness regarding Mothers’ Day and encourage them to raise funds for charitable purposes.

The events and activities on Mothers’ Day include:

Walks and runs are organized to raise money for the causes, including breast cancer research and other women empowerment issues. The mothers are often taken to visit gardens, museums, or other places of interest. Like fathers, mothers are also handled by their children on this day to lunches, brunches, and dinners. They receive flowers, chocolates and other presents like clothing, equipment, or accessories on this day. Mothers are also given cards and bouquets. Many families also love to spend this day with the entire family. They spend a picnic day and pamper the mother figure or mother in all possible ways.

Australia Day Government Ad Video:

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Anzac Day Australia:

Anzac Day falls on April 25 and is celebrated in remembrance of first Australia and New Zealand’s’ joint military fight in World War I.

What Does Anzac Stand For?

Anzac stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. They are known as Anzac.

Celebration of Anzac Day:

This day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zest all over the country. Numerous parades, ceremonies, and other activities are held on this day to remember those who have fought or dies in military action, especially on the Gallipoli peninsula in World War I. Church services and dawn prayer hold great importance on this day. It is to remember the spirit of the soldiers who used to wake up each morning to serve their land.

Boxing Day Australia:

Boxing day is a public holiday that is typically celebrated on December 26 every year but will shift to the next working day if it falls on Sunday or Saturday. This day is named because it is considered a day when people get rid of Christmas Day’s empty boxes. A lot of important sports events are also held on this day. This is usually a day off for everyone, so; all enjoy it. There are various traditions regarding boxing day, and they vary from place to place.

  • All the days discussed above hold great importance in Australia and are celebrated with excitement and zest every year.