April Fools Day Is Celebrated on 1st April Every Year!

Thursday 1st April 2021

When Is April Fools Day?

April Fools Day is observed on the 1st of April every year. It has been celebrated for centuries and is loved by people belonging to different cultures.

History Of April Fools Day:

There would rarely be a person who is not aware of April Fools Day and its celebration. Almost all of us have heard about the fake news, jokes, and other pranks on April Fools Day. But what is the origin of this day and its traditions, and why do we celebrate April Fools Day? Let us have a look at the mysterious history of April Fools Day and the origin of it.

Where Did April Fools Day Come From?

If we say that we precisely know the date and place of April Fool, we will be no less than a fool. There is honestly no precise date or place in history regarding the origin of April Fools Day. We cannot point to a date on the calendar and say that it’s the day on which April Fools Day was observed for the very first time.

April Fool Status

Different Historians have different opinions on the origin of this day. Some historians trace it back to the 16th century. It was the time when a new calendar was introduced in France. Before the new calendar, the 1st of April was the day of the New Year celebration.

In 1562, a new calendar for the Christian World was introduced by Pope Gregory.  Other people who had believed in and acted upon the new calendar started playing tricks on them. They started calling the non-believers by the name “April Fools.” They continued sending them foolish messages and making them believe what was not right. This led to the beginning of April Fools Day. The tradition gained popularity in Western Europe and spread in the whole United States with time. Now, this tradition can be observed all around the globe.

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When Was The Last Time Easter Was On April Fools Day?

The last time it was in 2018 when Easter fell on the same day as April Fools; this will happen again in 11 years.

April Fools Day Traditions:

April Fools Day is celebrated in various regions of the world with great excitement and joy. Pranks, jokes, practical jokes, and several other activities are very famous on this day. If you are looking for some exciting prank ideas on April Fools Day, this is the perfect place for you.

April fool day Traditions

April Fools Pranks For Kids : Kids are the easiest and cutest targets on April Fools. But make sure to prepare the pranks so well that they look real. Here are some ideas for you.

Breakfast Prank: In the morning, prepare and arrange everything as usual as the breakfast plate, napkin, and table. But make sure to place broccoli instead of pancakes on the plates. Your child would be sleepy enough not to remember the date. He would be stunned and protest. But you know the drill, you have to behave dumb, of course.

Toothpaste: Another fun and exciting task are to replace the toothpaste with any paste-like tomato, garlic, etc. This would be a sudden realization attack.

Clothes Prank: Replace your child’s clothes, especially underwear, with adult clothes. You can do this by taking his clothes out of the drawer and putting any adult’s underwear in its place. This can be done with any piece of clothing, but of course, the biggest laugh would be for underwear.

Talk Funny: Make your child feel irritated and confused by talking in some strange accent. Keep it as funny as you can and speak for him in that peculiar sound and articulation for the entire day or as long as you can. If you want to take it a step further, dress strangely too.

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Spilled Milk: Children always have a cute little priced possession which they keep with themselves all the time. This April Fools Day, spill milk on the most prized possession of your child. This will be the most significant shock for your child. No, don’t worry. You don’t need to ruin his favorite thing for the sake of fun. You can make artificial milk using glue and soap that will not harm anything.

April Fools Pranks For Boyfriend:

This April Fools Day, get the good out of your boyfriend with some hilarious pranks. Some of the ideas for you are:

Bathroom Roll: If your boyfriend always forgets to replace the bathroom roll and put a new one himself, this is the best chance to teach him a lesson. This April Fools, replace the bathroom roll with a duct tape roll.

Car Prank: Where is my car? That’s something that you will hear after your boyfriend could not find his car in the parking lot. Of course, you would know where it is. But just watch and enjoy his expression. Also, make sure to tell him about it before he reports it to the police.

Oreo Cream: Buy him a box of cookies, Oreo, to be specific. Replace the white cream of Oreo with toothpaste and enjoy.

April Fools Pranks for Girlfriend:

If you are looking for some cute April Fools Pranks for your girlfriend, we suggest you keep on reading.

Dummy Prank: Buy a dummy and lay it down on your side of the bed in the morning before she woke up. It will be a fantastic morning for her.

Change The Contact Info: Grab her phone and rename your contact number with her mom’s number. This will be a shock for both you and her.

Bottom Line: Numerous other pranks could be done on April Fools Day but ensure that you don’t hurt others’ sentiments and feelings. Prank them while staying within your limits.

Happy April Fools Day!